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Almanach torrent reviews

Shariful S (br) wrote: I've seen better caves made of cardboard in the EId programs produced by BTV 15 years ago

Cameron V (fr) wrote: With or without Bruce Campbell, this Twister-ripoff is a prime example of ideas that are beaten to the punch. The special effects are hilariously awful.

Jennifer H (es) wrote: It was alright...better than most of the movies on Chiiler..and the main kid is a cutie!!

Eric H (ca) wrote: This film will probably entertain kids aged six to twelve who like action flicks and but are a little young for Bruce Willis yet want something more hard-hitting than 'Home Alone'. But for adults, it's worth a look-in for the adult cast. Besides, there aren't many films where you get to see Patrick Stewart in a Man. United shirt shouting 'United'!

Jack M (ru) wrote: This is a very funny film with an outstanding sound track featuring Jimmy Cliff and the Blue Riddim Band. The political humor got past most of the audience. Peter O'Toole was brilliant! The duo of Rick Moranis and Barry Steinberg on their 'Dreadlock Holiday' was hilarious. Highly recommended!

Greg W (ru) wrote: Minnelli's second film suffers from the casting of Lucille Bremer (producer Arthur Freed's mistress) in the lead role, and the public was not crazy about seeing Astaire playing a thief.

Bill T (br) wrote: One of the more delirous Channers, this immensly watchable Chan features some awful racism against Hindu people (Yes, well aware that Toler is not asian), stupid cops, a great pace, and a pretty wild ending. Toler is still quite intolerable as Chan. But oh well.

Laura L (it) wrote: A charming look at a group of connected people at a single point of time that neither assumes nor solves anything but has a subtle optimism about it.

Justin B (ru) wrote: Haven't seen the original but its nothing short of shocking that it was remade as an Adam Sandler movie, let alone one of his most banal and laugh-less outings.