Almost 18

Almost 18

Almost 18 is a charming and unaffected film about five 17-year-old guys from Helsinki in 2010. Karri, Peter, André, Akseli and Joni dream, party, love and boast like only teenage males can.

Almost 18 is a charming and unaffected film about five 17-year-old guys from Helsinki in 2010. Karri, Peter, André, Akseli and Joni dream, party, love and boast like only teenage males can. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick L (au) wrote: "This movie doesn't stand tall as an inspirational sports movie"DVD Movie Review: When the Game Stands TallDate Viewed: December 9 2014Directed By Thomas Carter (Coach Carter)Written By Scott Marshall SmithStarring: Jim Caviezel, Michael Chiklis, Laura Dern, Alexander Ludwig, Gavin Casalegno,Ser'Darius Blain, Stephan James, Matthew Daddario, Joe Massingill, Clancy Brown,Matthew Frias, Chase Boltin, Jessie Usher,LaJessie Smith, Richard Kohnke, Adella Gautier and Terence Rosemore.This movie doesn't stand tall as an inspirational sports movie. "When the Game Stands Tall" is overly sentimental and it has every sports movie cliche in the book, it has arguments, uninspired speeches, the angry father to the star running back and the legendary coach who is the last hope of getting his team back on track. "When the Game Stands Tall" is based on the true story of Bob Ladouceur and his De La Salle High School football team. Why was he so special? He led the team to a 151-game winning streak from 1992-2003.Did I mention that De La Salle High School is a Catholic school. That's right folks, this movie has Christian themes in it, OH GOD!Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel) is not just a legendary football coach, he's also a great family man. He has a beautiful wife played by Laura Dern and two sons, his eldest son Danny (Matthew Daddario) plays on the team too. When one of Ladouceur's star players gets killed by a gang member at a party, the team is in a freefall. De La Salle has it's first loss in eleven years but Ladouceur is determined to get his team back on track.Soon, we get the worst cliche in sports movies, the angry dad. He's played by Clancy Brown and he wants his son, Chris Ryan (played by Alexander Ludwig, who is the star running back) to succeed as a star football player. We also get Michael Chiklis as an assistant coach and Laura Dern as Ladouceur's wife. Director Thomas Carter (Coach Carter) and screenwriter Scott Marshall Smith have made a bland Christian movie that tries to disguise itself as an inspirational football movie. "When the Game Stands Tall" is no "Rudy", it's not even "Draft Day".A documentary about California coach Bob Ladouceur and his De La Salle football team could've been interesting but as a movie, not so much. It fails to kick the ball.

Alison C (br) wrote: Matthew Goode never fails to impress me. I liked that he wasn't afraid to get ugly. The writing of this movie was really nice. The story is told with many snippets of information out of order that leaves it up to you to fit the pieces together. I appreciate that kind of subtlety in story-telling. Like it seems at first, Tom has a strange fixation or fear of fire maybe because of a car accident he was in but like many of the film's twists, it is so much deeper than that. I liked the artsy shots. It had humor and sweetness balanced well with grief and pain. Really liked the style and the transitions with ironic juxtapositions. For instance, a scene of Tom in bed with his wife, adoring her breasts is inter-cut with a hospital scene of a doctor feeling her breasts and finding cancerous lumps. That's quite a statement. It wasn't something I would be anxious to revisit but I really appreciated it.

Sanal R (gb) wrote: Not one of Brad Anderson's finest works but still manages to be a decent supernatural thriller.

Jack H (fr) wrote: cute...i couldnt really tell if this was trying to be serious or a mockumentary

Lee M (it) wrote: Testing a family for breaking points within a comic framework is not exactly new territory, but Watt's scripting is sharp and she plays fast and loose with audience expectation in the cliche department.

Alyson E (au) wrote: Not quite what I was thinking ... ::shrugs:: I little boring for me at parts...

Private U (us) wrote: some stunning visuals. go see it--di di!

MaxThomasnahuel A (jp) wrote: My favorite movie, The best film ever

Gergely K (us) wrote: A rejt'zkd' borzalom magyar cm, kiv (C)telesen nagyon tall. Borzalom minden szinten, de legalbb n (C)ha vicces.

Knox M (fr) wrote: While failing to surpass Star Trek: The Motion Picture, this second entry is a worthwhile experience, even if after multiple viewings the film gets a little weak and boring.

Katia S (ca) wrote: A timeless classic! It is as relevant today as it was in 1980, when it won Oscar for Best Foreign Language film!

John D (nl) wrote: By all accounts of the so-called "experts" in film critiquing, I should be drawn and quartered for giving this 1974 box-office flop a 5-star rating. Do I dare attempt to explain myself? Let me try... Lucille Ball was a comic wizard, and any die-hard fan of "I Love Lucy" would tell you that her biggest comedic quality was her facial expressions and body language. Although many people felt Lucy was too old to play this role (and the many "soft focus" close-up shots in the film may be a huge indicator). Nevertheless, she played excentric, colorful and brash with perfect comedic timing and her classic hysterical pratfalls. Add to this the completely PERFECT casting of Bea Arthur as Vera Charles and you really do have to give this film another chance. I know EVERYBODY says that the Rosilind Russell film is the best -- I LOVE that film also. But "Mame" is a retelling of that story in musical format, so it is very difficult to compare the two -- it's like trying to compare the musical film "Hairspray" with John Travlota in the part of Edna Turnblad to the original John Waters film starring Devine -- they are both enjoyable, but both very different movies. The production numbers in the movie are done on a grand scale (I love the opening number, "It's Today") and although the film looks dated by some of the camera techniques used during the early 70's films, it stil holds an endearing quality about it that allows me to watch it over and again. As a personal note, this movie became somewhat of a family tradition at my house growing up when VHS came out. Every year, after Thanksgivng dinner, our family would pop it into the VCR and enjoy a couple of magical hours together as a family, as we all sang along with the musical numbers and recited some of the funniest lines ("Vera, how old are you really? The truth, now!" "How old do you think I am?" "Oh, I'd say somewhere between forty and DEATH!") Despite all its production flaws and perceived miscasting, I haven't ever been able to criticize this picture. If you really hated this film, try to give it another chance -- try not comparing it with Russell's performance and soak in the fun and the magic that Gene Saks was trying to capture in this really is there!

Ben G (br) wrote: This film is weird, not really in a good way. Granted, I may be too European to understand the japaneseness poring out of this film but frankly I want put off by approximately everything that the director thought worth putting in.

gustavmarkovic31 (fr) wrote: very enjoyable romantic comedy. richard gere, jennifer lopez, susan sarandon and stanley tucci are all remarkable. the film is a nice way to spend an hour and a half or so, and the dancing is beautifully choreographed. some intreguing camera angles and shots make it all the more interesting aswell.

Pat E (gb) wrote: One of the most moving stories ever! sniff.....

Rory Fyfe S (ca) wrote: Entertaining movie about working in an office.

Adam L D (de) wrote: Down on his luck a losing hockey coach/player nearing the end encourages his team there is only one way to win and thats to beat the crap out of his oppenants. Funny edge as cool as the ice they skate on, this is a hardcore, fun filled movie, with loads of zany characters.!

Mike H (fr) wrote: 6/10, surprised this was shown given the politics. Watch the heroically portrayed Afghan Taliban warriors - at the time known as the Mujahideen - fight alongside Rambo against the evil Russian army complete with ludicrous Deus Et Machina ending!