Romantic comedy that mixes magical realism with traditional Australian urban-outback contrasts. The plot centers on a bored woman (the eponymous Wendy) who conjures up the perfect lover, ...

Romantic comedy that mixes magical realism with traditional Australian urban-outback contrasts. The plot centers on a bored woman (the eponymous Wendy) who conjures up the perfect lover, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve H (it) wrote: I had no idea what to expect from this story, much less from the movie. But it was fun and enjoyable. It was interesting to get a grasp of how the punk rock movement emerged in NY City.

Eric H (de) wrote: THis film is quirky, light fun and captivating.The performances are tremendous, though. Kacey Mottet Klein is ideal as the young Lucien, while Eric Elmosnino delivers an uncanny impersonation of the adult Serge. Casta is incandescently sexy as Bardot and Gordon gives touching depth to her " again uncannily accurate " portrayal of Birkin. Tragically, Gordon took her own life last year, shortly after completing the film.This film musted be viewed film.

Paula C (ca) wrote: Pra quem est interessado em conhec-lo, um bom filme!

Shane H (ag) wrote: Pretty cool idea for a horror movie, guy writes and directs and stars in a horror movie that is rumored they actually killed the people in the making. The guy gets locked up in a mental hospital and later escapes when a doctor shows him his movie in an attempt to cure him. Ya he kills everyone in the hospital and escapes. Some time later a movie theater shows the movie and the killer shows up but he's not entirely there, I won't spoil anymore.

Sharon P (jp) wrote: One of the funniest movies I have ever seen!

Crystal C (ag) wrote: Beautiful food and beautiful women.... what more could a simple woman want? This film follows the lives of three different women whose father strives to protect la famille from Americanization. Although the sisters are somewhat stereotyped, the acting and food kept me watching hungrily.

Ruthless B (fr) wrote: A humorous movie about a gay couple working for a Mafia boss. Fun Fun Fun!!

Bhaskar M (nl) wrote: Saw this documentary recently. it makes me really appreciate architecture and the mind behind it. A home reflects the personality of the people living in it - behind frank lloyd's buildings there is truly a beautiful mind

Andrew S (ca) wrote: Kieslowski returns to the minute detail in his second of his symbolic french flag trilogy "White" (which means equality) in this very black comedy drama. Julie Delpy is engaging and straddles the line between sexually sympathetic and psychotic. The weight of the film is really carried by our Polish protagonist (and real life polish comedian Zbigniew Zamachowski) Karol Karol. It's a peculiar film, but each shot is finely crafted and edited for dramatic or symbolic purpose. Nevertheless if you are willing to enter the strange yet sympathetic world of Kieslowski this is a welcome introduction. First time rating: 8.8/10

bill s (us) wrote: Boy oh boy did Shelly Long misjudge her career path.

Sheng G (it) wrote: The plot is simple, the people may be too narrow-minded and self-focused. Surprisingly it is very good!

Nate A (au) wrote: Cool samurai adventure flick set in the early days of the Meiji Restoration. At only 85 minutes, it movies along at a very brisk pace with lots of sword fights and very few moments not steeped in drama or danger. Doesn't reach the artistic highs of other chambara pictures, but it's a cool watch, nonetheless.

David B (de) wrote: Great movie on the though provoking level but I've never been a fan of people like her. Wish the ending was different.

Bill M (de) wrote: One of the most original films eve made, like a nightmare translated to cinema, David Lynch's feature debut is a truly disturbing, hypnotic and immersive experience, watch in the early hours of the morning when most other people are asleep with the volume loud and the lights off for best results. It's an aquired taste for sure, but if you give over to it's haunting desolation, you will struggle to ever get it out of your head.

Giorgos T (fr) wrote: In my opinion Jet Li's best film. Besides the awesome action scenes, it contained bold drama moments and good acting.

Sevastian C (us) wrote: Someone said less bling ,bling,and more romance,if you wasn't raised in my hood then you would know there's no romance about the hood.....

Paul B (au) wrote: Zero (aka Tony Revolori) was excellent. That's all I've got to say.

Gareth D (ru) wrote: A fairly entertaining, low-brow, rom-com set in the UK and America with an all-star cast. Easy watching.

Ruth M (es) wrote: Very simple and we'll told story. Chris pine was amazing. ???