Almost An Angel

Almost An Angel

Terry Dean is an electronics wizard and thief. After he is released from jail, he is hit by a car while saving a little girl's life. While in the hospital, he dreams that God visits him and tells him he's an Angel, and must start doing good things to make up for his past life. Not believing it at first, he soon becomes convinced he must be an Angel. Not having any Angel powers yet, he must use his own experiences and talents to make good things happen.

Lifelong thief Terry Dean suffers a potentially fatal accident while saving a little girl life. And God paid him a visit when he was "in limbo" and told him he's an Angel, and must start doing good things to make up for his past life. But before being given his wings, he must use his human power to perform a good deed for a crippled man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sol C (it) wrote: Josh Hartnett's performance in this film, is a good reason to check out the movie. In my opinion, it is one of his best performances, so far. The film reminded me of films like The Prime Gig, Boiler Room, Less Than Zero, Nothing in Common, Up in the Air, American Psycho, and Glen Gary Glen Ross. Adam Scott is also very good, as Hartnett's brother. Scott and Hartnett have a good on screen chemistry. Robin Tunney and Rip Torn are solid in their roles. David Bowie steals the one scene that he is in. The music in the film is good. On a negative, the pacing is off. Also while Naomie Harris was ok in her role, I think another actress in that role, would have done a much better job. She didn't have a good on screen chemistry with Hartnett. Still the film is worth watching for the performances, especially Hartnett's.

Joe A (ag) wrote: 10 years before John Carpenter's 'The Thing', this Spanish horror flick had horror film legends, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing battling an alien life form found frozen in the ice with the ability to hide within it's prey on a train in 1906. Eugenio Martin directs a story that has more then a passing resemblance to John W. Campbell's "Who Goes There?" as Professor Alexander Saxon (Lee) discovers an ancient anthropoid frozen in the ice in Manchuria and plans to take it's remains back to Europe on the Trans-Siberian Express. Unknown to Saxon, his fossil is possessed by an alien who was stranded here millenia ago and has the ability to not only absorb the minds of it's victims but to jump from person to person and reanimate it's victims as well. Once the creature thaws, it's up to Saxon and rival scientist, Wells(Cushing) to save the remaining passengers trapped on the speeding train from this alien life form and it's zombie army.'Horror Express' is a fun horror that, like Carpenter's classic and Campbell's story has it's share of paranoia and autopsies. Unlike 'The Thing' this alien being can talk and does so often giving it a personality and giving the audience some much needed background exposition that Carpenter's creature never did. There is some decent bloodshed and some nice suspense, a creepy score, as well as, a crazy monk (Alberto de Mendoza) and an equally crazy Cossack Commander (A scenery chewing Telly Savalas) thrown in for good measure. Lee and Cushing are great together as always and there is some fun dialog especially from Savalas and Cushing ("Monsters? We're British you know!"). Wrap it up with a really creepy and effective climax and you've got a recipe for an entertaining little classic sci-fi/ horror on a Saturday night.

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