Almost Dead

Almost Dead

A woman psychologist, who specialises in research about twins, is haunted by her dead mothers ghost.

A woman psychologist, who specialises in research about twins, is haunted by her dead mothers ghost. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Almost Dead torrent reviews

Frank M (gb) wrote: Really enjoyed this film

Andy G (fr) wrote: I'm a sucker for zombie movies, even if it's Uwe Boll.

Olly H (nl) wrote: a wonderful movie....

Sofa G (nl) wrote: i really liked it. destaco como esta filmada; lo poco convencional que es en cuanto a planos, me gusta mucho. gerszenzon (mi profesor de lenguaje audiovisual y mi profesor favorito) le hizo la musica a esta pelicula = amor. no wonder he worships lucrecia martel.

Will B (kr) wrote: A very painful movie to get through

Mikhail A (de) wrote: Great potential poorly executed. The first about half of the movie is overwhelmingly silly.

Martin B (us) wrote: A Miami Policeman (Terence Hill) goes out to a routine mission to some indians in a swamp but his colleagues did forget to mention that there was gonna be a nuclear bomb test in this particular swamp this day... So he gets super powers of all kinds. He moves things like glasses and trucks and see through things and run the speed of a car.His colleague (Erbst Borgnine of all people) don't like/don't believe him most of the time, almost the whole movie through. His girlfriend doesn't like his super powers as well.Strange kind of superman-movie, A lot of slapstick and pretty bad effects, even for its time. Musical score not too bad though.Eraly electronic/funky stuff.

Tim I (au) wrote: Unjustly pillarized when it first came out, this low-key romance about a race car who falls in love with a woman with a tragic secret is surprisingly effective.Filled with beautiful photography and excellent performances.

James H (kr) wrote: Goldie Hawn is wonderful in this film, I can see why, from this early film in her career, she became a mega star. Enjoyable from start to finish, Eileen heckart gives a great and sincere performance, good enough for her to win a best supporting actress Oscar. Only Edward Albert Jr's performance does not ring true.

Andrew B (nl) wrote: Beautiful and vivid...Ozu brilliantly constructs a drama of sheer perfection resulting in an epic meditation on human relationships.

Tecia E (ru) wrote: Looks like a really really old film

Ethan D (br) wrote: Not suggested for people who don't know/don't like the Ashens YouTube channel, but if you do like Ashens, then this movie is a must see

Andrey B (de) wrote: As bad as previous film in the series but at least funnier.

Laura M (nl) wrote: This was one of those where it might have helped to have it part-found footage, part normal movie. I'm glad they didn't do the thing they kept teasing because that would have been too much. It was interesting in places though. It wasn't bad, just kind of needed more to it.

Peter P (kr) wrote: A very uninspired fight movie. The acting is terrible, the fighting is pretty forgetable and the story is hard to watch for the most part. It gets 2 stars for having a few things that movies need, such as credits and I am pretty sure I saw a "Grip"s name listed, and some punches were thrown, although lamely. Overall, Skip it.

Ilsa L (ag) wrote: A refreshingly original movie that is enjoyable from start to finish. Alastair Sim is delightful as always but special mention should also be made of Harry Fowler who is perfect as the hero, Joe Kirby.

Maya S (de) wrote: Intense! Way better than the "Shaft" movies. Love the soundtrack with James Brown singing in the background. It's now on my list of favourite blaxploitation movies, along with "Superfly" and "Detroit 9000."