Almost Elvis

Almost Elvis

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Almost Elvis torrent reviews

Inta K (fr) wrote: pretty nice teen movie

Timothy A (de) wrote: Not great, not terrible, not memorable home invasion by numbers flick.

Private U (us) wrote: Amir Khan is too too good and so are the dialogues... A very rare genre of movie since nineties that has such awesome dialogues...

Pauline W (ca) wrote: Movie starring Dinah Leffert. A star to watch and an awesome friend. Dinah to watch. And dear friend.

Andrea B (de) wrote: I really liked this movie and thought it was funny and unique! It's hard to find good comedies anymore.

Louise D (nl) wrote: Poorly made and terribly paced, so that 1 hr 20 feels like 3 hours, but the filmmaking is not the point. It's a fascinating snapshot of cultural history, an explosion of counter-culture from a New York so derelict it looks like a dystopian fiction.