Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect

Anne has given up trying to find a man who will fit into her sensible and controlled life. Therefore she has chosen to become pregnant with an anonymous sperm donor who has been carefully chosen. But as her hormones get the better of her she realizes that the child may come to resemble the father and possibly get his less flattering characteristics. Anne feels compelled to find the sperm donor and ensure that he is as perfect as she imagines.

Anne (37) has given up finding a man, who will fit in to her sensible and controlled life. She has therefore decided to get inseminated with a carefully selected sperm donor. But as her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Countess N (mx) wrote: Silly comedy about Ron Jeremys dick on a killing spree.

Joy H (kr) wrote: What animal movie doesn't grab your heart strings - this one is no different.

Keenan S (mx) wrote: The Vertical Ray Of The Sun is a superb drama about three sisters and their day-to-day lives from the director of The Scent Of Green Papaya and Cyclo - both of which were also great films. It's also another shining example that has convinced me that I should check out more Vietnamese films, because clearly I have missed out on a lot if this is among films from the country.The plot follows three sisters: Suong, who is the oldest and is married to a photographer named Quoc who has a rather shady secret hidden from his wife and son, Khan who is married to a writer named Kien who is trying to finish a novel, and Lien, who is the youngest sister who doesn't know what to do with her life since she is living with her brother (And everyone thinks they're a couple).Every year on the anniversary of their mother's death, they gather together with friends and family to honor their mother's memory while also coming together to talk about how their lives are going at their family-owned cafe. After one anniversary celebration, things become rather complicated among the three sisters as their lives take drastic turns and secrets are uncovered in regards to spouses and even each other.While the film's plot may have familiar elements, never does the drama and human emotions become overwrought and cheesy. The plot is rather skillful in how it constructs these characters and makes them all feel alive and makes the viewer really feel like they're suffering with them, laughing with them, and everything in between. It also shows the viewer the complexities of life itself, and how everyone is hiding a secret of some sort. There are no simple solutions, no simple happily ever afters, no decisive way to go through life - in short, how life itself is. This is quite rare in films and this is one of the rare films to truly capture it.The acting also expertly works in tandem with the script, since every actor managed to add even more depth to their characters because of their abilities. This adds a new layer to the characters, especially with subtle expressions so carefully conveyed. They feel and act like real people as they struggle with what life throws at them. Of the course, the actresses playing the three sisters steal the show and you grow to care about these sisters through whatever they go through.On top of having a great story and great acting, the film is also beautifully directed and it takes its time in developing these elements. It's a slow-paced film, but I prefer my dramas that way, especially with ones that have such deep characters who are so interesting. I wasn't bored for one minute watching everything unfold and I was engaged the whole time since the film held a wealth of dramatic depth.If you love a good drama and a good art house film, The Vertical Ray Of The Sun is certainly a must-see for its superb story, stunning acting, beautiful direction and visuals, great music, and great everything in between. It's an expertly crafted drama that never pours on syrupy nonsense, but makes every interaction and every feeling conveyed feel real. I highly recommend it.

John H (mx) wrote: Odd indie black and white Canadian rock'n'roll road movie -- in which the heroine can't drive. I like the atmosphere and the eccentricity.I first saw it on TV years ago. When I saw it on DVD more recently, I realised some of it was filmed in Sudbury, where we'd been. That place sucks...

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Tyler S (mx) wrote: A good sexy, erotic thriller that featured some up and coming actors in the beginning of their careers. There was some sexual tension that fueled the film. Reese Wetherspoon and Michelle Gellar were great as exact opposites of each other. One dark and sort of evil, one a goody too shoes. Ryan Phillipe plays Michelle Gelllars step brother and there is even sexual tension there. The whole movie is a twisted steamy love story where someone always gets hurt. Better than the critics say it was due to the dark atmosphere.

Tania G (ca) wrote: What a disappointment! Vincent Gallo and Michael Madsen have really lost it... Hollywood sucks!

Brent L (jp) wrote: Absolutely Hilarious