Alô, Alô Terezinha!

Alô, Alô Terezinha!


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Alô, Alô Terezinha! torrent reviews

Mason B (ca) wrote: Our obsession with celebrity and the culture in general is something that deserves to be satired and skewered, and Antiviral makes its critiques consistently and with real conviction. Antiviral tells the story of a future where people pay to be injected with the same diseases that celebrities have had, to a achieve a type of biological communion with them. The lead is a worker at this clinic who injects himself with a dose of a celebrities fatal disease. Antiviral is a very interesting piece of work thats created with real conviction and competency. Unfortunately interesting is all it really ever is. The premise and ideas are so outlandish that they fail to ever really work as satire. There's not much in this film that feels like it could actually connect to our real world, and so it doesn't skewer the idea of celebrity as well as it should. Also, the lead character is an absolute mannequin, not because he's badly acted, but because he has no character or personality outside of his actions. The result is a cold, emotionally distant film that doesn't disturb as much as it wants to. If you want a disturbing film about our modern life, you could do much better.

Jacob D (gb) wrote: WTF are you doing! I can't get the cap off that's the best you could come up with they made the caps like that so people like this character can't open it. I get this was supposed to help kids but I'm pretty sure it's causing more damage to their brain cells. Do us a favor never make a movie again and burn every copy of this trash that you own. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR! If that doesn't help drink some bleach.

Don W (fr) wrote: Detachment is impeccably filmed, well acted, and really depressing. Pretty much as expected from the guy who directed American History X.

Rinaldo H (es) wrote: Bouncing bosom of Tang Dynasty

Glenn C (kr) wrote: Simon Says starts off really shaky and I almost considered turning it off... but then a stoner character picks up a guitar and starts singing "let the fun begin, let the fun begin" as a girl goes off into the wilderness alone. I thought that was a nice nod to the audience and from there on the movie does get fun. It's basically a tongue in cheek backwoods hick horror... think Wrong Turn and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's the usual fodder with a group of teens camping in the hills and being picked off one-by-one. Crispin Glover is the one doin' all the killing and for me this was the clincher. I love him. He's such an eccentric and outlandish actor and this movie allows him to parade a variety of characters in one. He plays a set of twins who murdered their parents (his real father Bruce Glover) when they were teenagers and they've lived in the woods ever since. It's not a great movie but for its genre, its hell fun. The gore is creative and very amusing and there's actually some stuff I've never seen before... most notably is a wicked poodle death. I've never seen so many pick-axes flying through the air at once and for that I give Simon Says my thumbs up!

Jason M (nl) wrote: A hidden gem of a movie that opened in the dead of winter that year.

Dustin B (fr) wrote: An entertaining commentary on action films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you want a classic, light-hearted Arnold movie (think along the lines of True Lies) and enjoy parody of action movie tropes, 'Last Action Hero' is worth a watch. Also good for those who have nostalgia for the 80s - 90s action movie period.Probably not as entertaining for anyone else, though.

Dan L (es) wrote: the old man in the trailor getting shot=classic moment in film history.

David F (ag) wrote: This movie is very faithful to its plot which is about revenge, pure and simple. A baby is born to a woman whose family was murdered by a group of thieves and this baby's destiny is to hunt down and kill all of the thieves one by one in methodical, gruesome, limbs-detached-from-blood-spewing-holes fashion. The influence on 'Kill Bill' is apparent in the soundtrack, characters, plot, and scenery though this is far from the operatic perfection of Tarantino's masterpiece, just a run of the mill kung fu flick.

Grayson D (jp) wrote: Coming not long after Two masterpieces for it's director this one paled a bit but in it's own right it's still a very good film.

Casey N (de) wrote: Great Classic Movie !

Jackson (ag) wrote: will Smith wes so cool

Scott W (ag) wrote: James Gandolfini is great in a Tony Soprano-type role, and this movie got great reviews, but I just didn't dig it. I can't quite put my finger on why, but I think part of it was I couldn't really connect with Tom Hardy's character. Even though it takes time to show what he does on a day-to-day basis, you really don't learn much about the character. And I spent most of the movie confused about who was working for whom and why the characters were doing what they did. There are some tense moments toward the end, but by the time the movie got there I didn't really care what happened.

Alex L (es) wrote: All the views are spectacular and Monroe's performance is good, but you must admit...the story was not that good.