Alone in the Woods

Alone in the Woods

Ten-year-old Justin (Brady Bluhm) finds himself hitching a ride with two kidnappers when he climbs aboard the wrong van -- thinking it's his family's vehicle -- and gets separated from his parents. When the bumbling crooks hatch a plan to nab a business tycoon's daughter, Justin finds his only recourse is to save the girl while making his escape. Think of it as Home Alone … in the woods!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rescue,   police,   boy,  

Two dopey kidnappers get more than they bargain for when a super-smart ten year old which gets separate from his parents, which also uncovers their plot....and swings into action, Home Alone-style. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan C (ag) wrote: This was a Clever Idea, But it was another Book Adaptation. This movie is the one of them that can lead you the path to find a good looking film,Thomas: The Leading Role Played by Dylan O' Brian contributes the urgent.A movie that is an announcement to a fan footage film which is not a bad book adaptation. I suppose the Director has read the book before.There was some Violence from these kids. Most of it was Chaotic and about how to survive in the maze.Score: 8.5/10

Early B (ca) wrote: Dear Mr Gacy is the true life story of Jason Moss, an 18-year-old college student at UNLV who established relationships with John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, Henry Lee Lucas, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Charles Manson as part of his final year thesis. He obtained samples of correspondence from and interviews with these men. The most prolific of these was with John Wayne Gacy. Played by William Forsythe, Gacy is pure fictional serial killer, rather than the paranoid mumbler he was in real life. He's smooth, charming and witty. He's also sympathetic. You can almost forgive him the 33 murders he committed... Okay that's a lie, but when you put movie-Gacy up against movie-Moss, he almost comes off the victor. Dear Mr. Gacy is an engaging film, but only if you take everything you watch with a pinch of salt. Moss's memoir, The Last Victim, raised several eyebrows when it first came out, with some arguing that Moss embellished what happened with Gacy. Whether the writer, Kellie Madison, took this on board and deliberately went out of her way to portray Moss as an egomaniac is debatable. Moss killed himself during the initial production and they only carried on after talks with his fiancee. I find it hard to believe she was told the full story. In Dear Mr. Gacy, Jason Moss (Jesse Moss) is a fidgety ball of angst. No one understands his great plan (which begins with him sending pictures of himself oiled up to Gacy) and as the movie progresses, and he falls under Gacy's spell, he becomes a bit of a shit. He fights with his girlfriend, his parents and even contemplates sending pictures of his younger brother to Gacy in the hopes of getting some sort of exclusive. Bear in mind, that we're talking about a college paper here. When the leads finally meet, you almost cheer as Gacy threatens a bit of violence, such is the sniveling nature of Moss. As biopics go, this doesn't doesn't really shed any light on the man known as Pogo the Clown, nor does it explain Moss's motives as being any more than a desire for an A grade. All of which is a shame, as otherwise this is a solid effort for a TV movie.

Mike M (br) wrote: It was nice to see that although Dolph is not the physical presence he was in "Rocky IV" and "Universal Soldier", his acting skills have improved. That said, the rest of the cast were horrible, the script was unintelligent, the story lacked substance, and the film felt more like a made for TV Special, that wasn't very special. Skip this one unless you are a hardcore Lundgren fan!

Dave C (es) wrote: The Rock does not need to play as a Whit Guy

Amanda O (ca) wrote: I like this one best so far

Wrik S (gb) wrote: loved priyanka's charecter... i was always in support of her...

Francisco L (ru) wrote: One fact is that the script isn't the best and the plot isn't very original, however Mark Waters can give a clever and new direction to the end of the story.

sean s (nl) wrote: Awful... Just boring and pointless... Ignore all the Artsy Fartsy pansy ass reviews. They're just trying to fit in and act like they like it. SAD!!!

Dan G (mx) wrote: Oh God....Bruce Campbell and David Carradine vs. vampires? Where do I sign?

Brett H (jp) wrote: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 was the logical continuation for the series after the panned second feature that steps up its game with brilliant set-pieces and amazing special effects that hold up well today. Wisely ignoring the continuity of part 2, we're introduced to a new character, Kristen, played by Patricia Arquette in her debut acting role and while she's not as iconic as Nancy from the original, she does a pretty good job. Speaking of which, Nancy returns for this film and plays a pivotal role in training the Elm Street kids to battle Freddy in their dreams through various means, and it's these ideas that make this the strongest sequel in the franchise. Robert Englund as Freddy perfected his balance of menace and humour and we learn much more about the character's backstory and the details are pretty messed up. The highlight of this film is of course, the kills, and they are highly creative and memorable, the scene with the sleepwalking teen is disgustingly awesome! There are a few missteps near the end with Freddy manipulating his own skeleton in the real world somehow and they actually kill off an important character for the sake of shock value, but it's easily the most entertaining entry in the series and the production values are incredible!

Brett F (es) wrote: I'm surprised there are so few views on the original film of the franchise. Not as dark as the book. But still not the hyper-patronage of other films that followed it in the '80s. No clear bad-guys, everyone makes mistakes and has their own viewpoint. Far more realistic situations than the next two sequels. And only one bodycount!!!

Codie E (mx) wrote: The perfect example of an American film of the seventies. Highly political, important and very well made, In fact some scenes are genuinely hard to watch as a result, Smokey in the spray room, Zeke and Jerry's discussion on Zeke's porch at the end of the film. The Schrader brothers' script is incredible and the performances of the trio of leads (particularly Richard Pryor) are more than a match for it. Highly recommended.

Cedric L (es) wrote: Chilling, powerfully acted and well-directed.

Richard D (ag) wrote: Here's a really amiable film. Two old guys ... a guy from Louisiana and a guy from Australia ... travel around Iceland and shoot the shit. If a couple of old guys talking, hanging out at dance clubs with young girls and dancing out in the wilderness to Big Country sounds entertaining, then here you go. I found it to be mildly amusing and worth an hour and a half of my time.

Logan M (mx) wrote: Just as implausible and complex as the first heist film, but way too convoluted to be as fun.

Ben R (kr) wrote: Wow. 4 1/2 stars all the way!

Joshua T (fr) wrote: A low budget piece of junk which I am sure a number of these reviewers never bothered to watch.It was like getting a cut on your arm and you wait till heals, instead it gets infected and they have to amputate.hardened criminals take over a house in order to commit a robbery.the son is upstairs having a conversation with his pregnant girl friend , he hears a noise ,grabs a cricket bat and we hear some screaming and cursing and next minute one of the criminals is lying on a bed with a piece of glass protruding from his stomach We don't get to see the fight scene because it probably cost to much to stage.then we here about the robbery but never get to see it.another budget the silly girlfriend is set free and can run to the nearest neighbour and raise the alarm for the swat squad to lay seige.instead she chooses to kill all the criminals with half an arrow and a crossbow.By this time I am hoping the amputation will be done under anesthetic and i wont wake up,but I do.The girl has now accomplished her task and listened to the confession of one of the criminals who admits to her he is scared and god someone just shoot scene they ,the girlfriend, the mother and the boyfriend are loading the cash from the robbery into a mini which is sitting in the garage of the house which has been on fire now for ten minutes....still no fire brigade.I could go about how stupid this movie is but i have wasted enough of my time giving it a half star review.

Jesse K (jp) wrote: 3.5/5 It was pretty great seeing one of my #1 childhood fears spewing cheesy one-liners.