Alone in the Zone

Alone in the Zone

With a helmet-mounted video camera and one camera in-hand, Arkadiusz Podniesński travels alone through the restricted zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Abandoned towns and villages and the tragedy of hundreds of thousands of people are the most meaningful examples of careless handling of nuclear energy. The last failure in the nuclear power plant in Japan once again demonstrated that protections are never enough, because we are not able to anticipate every hazard that arises from natural disasters, unreliable technology or human error. If so, who will be next? Is it worth the risk?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Russian,Polish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:chernobyl,  

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Alone in the Zone torrent reviews

Jack S (nl) wrote: Very Woody Allenesque movie, with characters and a storyline that are not especially interesting. The acting is excellent, but it's one of Woody's lesser efforts.

J Dawgg (it) wrote: By far, my number one favourite movie of all time.

Chris D (kr) wrote: if you've heard this is just a stoner movie...give it a chance. it's very much about friendship as well.

(jp) wrote: I never thought Morgan Freeman would do a movie just for a paycheck but I guess even famous rich actors have to pay their bills just like us regular folk. Hard Rain is a robbery movie that takes place in a small town during a massive flood. The plot goes all over the place with unnecessary twists and turns. You really get the feeling that "Rain" just ran out of steam and the writers made up stuff up as it went along. You also really feel sorry for the actors especially Freeman. To make matters worse, Oscar nominee Minnie Driver shows up a little later with a thankless role. Hard Rain was a January release back in 1998. Critics refer to these types of films as "January Junk." This critic just feels that movies like Hard Rain are "wet" behind the ears. Thumbs down.

Rodney E (kr) wrote: I loved the Pumpkins as a pre-teen and teen. Siamese Dream and Pisces Iscariot are pretty amazing and remain strong ones from the 90's. This is a nice video mix of performances and features a great acoustic Cherub Rock.

Timothy M (us) wrote: Really fun film. Was the first non-english film to be nominated for an Academy Award. Also the basis for Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times". Director Rene Clair is a genius.

Kosong T (fr) wrote: Awful urban angst piece. One of Jackson's worst roles.

Jay A (ru) wrote: hahahaha had a great time watching this. :)