Alone with You

Alone with You

Maria, a 45-year-old alcoholic woman who lives in Spain, has lost custody of her daughters. That's the reason why she has traveled to Argentina, the country in which her daughters are living with her ​​ex-husband, whom she divorced after a tempestuous marriage.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Spanish
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Maria, a 45-year-old alcoholic woman who lives in Spain, has lost custody of her daughters. That's the reason why she has traveled to Argentina, the country in which her daughters are living with her ​​ex-husband, whom she divorced after a tempestuous marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alone with You torrent reviews

Toni K (ca) wrote: Low budget Christian film about family and faith. Good storyline but drags in some parts.

Megan N (fr) wrote: Okay funny little kid movie

Todd S (mx) wrote: People often ask how I find and pick the really independent films I sometimes review. In the case of Babysitter Wanted, it was an easy choice, as nothing is scarier to me that an evil child. Strangely enough the film also features several cast members from a TV show I really liked, Kyle XY. The story begins with the deeply religious, Angie (Sarah Thompson), going away to college. Looking for some extra money, she picks up a job babysitting for a family living in the middle of nowhere. Everything seems normal at first, until one night someone tries to break in, and to everyone's surprise, the beautiful young girl is not the target of his rage. This film was very unusual for a religious based horror film, as it wasn't over the top with religious jargon. It was a major theme of the film, but they don't beat you over the head with it the way other films do. It's also unlike your usual slasher films as it has a good cast, a decent and somewhat unique story, and most important of all, it doesn't move at lightning speed. Almost every slasher film I've ever seen has 15 minutes of story and then it's one big chase, but that doesn't happen here. They spend a lot of time on the story and when things do happen, they are pretty surprising. Sarah Thompson stars as the babysitter, while being your typical beautiful horror movie girl, she was also very credible and connected with the audience. Watching this film, you feel like you know her or someone like her, and you'll be cheering for her in a way you really don't do in films like this. She's paired with Kyle XY himself, Matt Dallas, another really good looking, likeable person, that audiences will also relate to. Once you see the whole picture, it's going to seem a bit odd to you, but the Directors and Casting people really hit the nail on the head, making this seem like anything but a slasher film until the time was just right, making for a really enjoyable and unique type of film.

Xmodem R (kr) wrote: So terrible, blatant copyright issues, you'll never listen to Steve Wonder the same way again, I promise. If you're looking for bad films your search is over!

Jason D (ca) wrote: Another 80's classic with one of the best titles out there. A girl watches her brother kill her entire family except for her and now she's all grown up and he's in the looney bin. Because she is a dumb blonde, she does not realize that the sorority house is the house her family was massacred in, and the brother magically senses her presence in it and escapes to kill topless chicks!!! A true, vintage 80's slasher but cannot hold a candle to the original slasher classics. Still, it's fun for a watch.

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