Along Comes the Tiger

Along Comes the Tiger

A mysterious martial arts master takes revenge on the Black Dragon gang for the murder of his father. After seeing his father killed by the master of the Black Dragon gang, a man known only as Miracle (or Cloud, in the Mandarin version) sets about taking revenge on the entire gang. Wang Tao stars as the Miracle man in this stylish kung fu movie, brilliantly choreographed by the master of mayhem Tommy Lee, who also co-stars as the leader of the Black Dragon gang.

A mysterious martial arts master takes revenge on the black Dragon gang for the murder of his father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ela P (ru) wrote: Good movie, Jeanne Tripplehorn is pretty and one would think that this movie is the older version of the plot line is like America's Sweetheart

Kerry H (ag) wrote: Would love to find this on DVD... One of those movies that made me want to make movies

Blake P (es) wrote: "Look," a movie director (Dennis Franz) frankly says to his leading actor, Jake Scully (Craig Wasson). "I got a picture to make here. I got 25 days to make it. I have no time to wait around for a claustrophobic vampire who freezes every time he lays down in a coffin." Scully is a young, struggling actor, good-looking, nice enough, but just passable when it comes to star power. He has landed a leading role as a vampire, true, but it's only a B-picture. One can hope for the best as he dons gaudy, glittery eye makeup and a pair of fangs that makes Bela Lugosi seem like a Dardenne Brothers figure. His staggering claustrophobia only makes things worse. As his professional life limps along, things only get worse when Scully discovers his girlfriend in bed with another man, which, in response, leave him homeless and alone. A fellow actor (Gregg Henry) offers him the chance to stay at his house for a few days, a house of fiendish tackiness that sits on top of a hill and looks like the Seattle Space Needle had a baby with a spaceship. Across the way is a mansion inhabited by a stunningly beautiful woman (Deborah Shelton) - Scully is able to watch her undress as his friend has equipped a telescope overlooking the balcony. If you've had a filling serving of Alfred Hitchcock movies, I'm sure you can only guess where the film is going. "Body Double" is "Rear Window" junior and "Vertigo" the second, except with a lot more blood, sex, nudity, and enough tawdriness to top off a jumbo sized popcorn bin. One night, as Scully peeps on his new neighbor performing her nightly striptease, he notices a deformed looking man perched on the satellite dish in front of her home, watching her with a murderous thirst in his eyes. Skip to a few days later, the woman is brutally murdered in her bedroom, with Scully as the sole witness. The police (of course) laugh at him, passing him off as a paranoid pervert. But his neighbor's death leads him to a number of startling discoveries, the most shocking turning toward the world of pornography, where he enlists the help of actress Holly Body (Melanie Griffith) to find out the truth in the bizarre slaughter. Hitchcock had a fascination with hot blondes, armed-and-dangerous camera angles, and ever-present danger. Brian De Palma, billed as the Master of the Macabre in his heyday, likes all that, but he doesn't want to turn himself into a carbon copy of cinema's most predominant suspense filmmaker. De Palma's own "Dressed to Kill," "Sisters," and "Blow Out" (let's stop talking about "Carrie" and "Scarface" for a minute) were jaw-dropping in their stylistic dexterity, their stories borderline ridiculous yet efficient when connected with such electric visuals. "Body Double" is no different, even if it is sillier than some of De Palma's other efforts (which is saying something, considering "Dressed to Kill" gave the then 49-year old Angie Dickinson a blatantly obvious 20-something year-old body double, put Michael Caine in drag, and ended with a was that all just a dream? startler). The plot twists are sometimes inane, and sometimes too coincidental to truly be stunning, but De Palma is so self-assured that it isn't hard to make us want to just go with it. I have been purposefully vague when retelling plot points because so much of the film's success lies in its slimy thrills, but the style is something worth noting - "Body Double" shows the director at his optical peak. Early in the film, Scully, sensing his neighbor is in trouble, follows her to a Los Angeles mall, her actual soon-to-be attacker lurking in every nook and cranny. In the past, De Palma has payed great attention to split-screens and close-ups, but the entire sequence is notable for its remarkable combination of voyeurism and open space. There are three buzz characters moving around the complex all at once, with the camera sometimes peering onto them from above, most impressively when they walk on different floors. Without much dialogue to back it up, the scene rattles with tension. Will danger catch up in this game of cat-and-mouse? There are even more visual kicks (particularly the simultaneously laughable yet hugely ingenious moment where Scully and his neighbor run into each other, after he's been following her around for hours, embrace in fiery passion, the camera spinning around them with merry-go-round delirium), but the theme of voyeurism in "Body Double" is what makes the film such a wild experience. It's almost always uncomfortable - in every scene, you feel as if you shouldn't be there, as if you're intruding on something deeply private. The storyline may not always be strong (or even truly believable), but "Body Double" is about style, tone and mood. In that sense, it's more than convincing.

Ms Amanda J (ru) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies. The apartment sleuthing scenes are very well done and thrilling. Lauren Tewes is a capable lead. You'll feel both hopeful and nervous for her as she tries to prove Mr. Herbert is a killer and at one point confronts him on the phone. The whole movie is exciting as such, and the score is slow and methodical, drawing the viewer in.

ephraim k (de) wrote: I really liked this one

Spencer K (fr) wrote: I don't really know about this....The 1st was pretty good, the 2nd one was alright...but idk about this one. I'm going to have to say no

Josef N (nl) wrote: Would consider it to be on tier with movies such as alien. The equipment is a flawless mix of classic bulky switches and a slight 60's view of space travel. It is also a well mix of tech meets supernatural elements.

cody f (kr) wrote: It's Rear Window meets The Hitcher (the 80's version), except it's not near as good. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I was 8, but I doubt it for the following reasons. The lack of blood, violence, tension, and nudity would have been a real problem for young Cody. Plot meant nothing to Young C,violence & nudity was everything, and this movie was more like a TV movie of the week than a slasher thriller. A star was added because of the WTF ending. Also watching anything like this with Scott and Keith in the same room makes anything fun and enjoyable.