Alpha is a about 3 young criminal friends that split up in a certain moment of their life due to a failed robbery. Eight years later they come back together each of them choosing different life-styles.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Spanish
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Alpha is a about 3 young criminal friends that split up in a certain moment of their life due to a failed robbery. Eight years later they come back together each of them choosing different life-styles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oscar P (es) wrote: Good movie for a rainy afternoon.

David S (jp) wrote: The Man with the Iron Fists is a movie with great potential, using a great cast and some interesting ideas and mash-ups, but it ultimately fails with a talent-less director who cannot act, and yet is the main star of the show. RZA has the same expression throughout the movie, delivers an already poor dialogue with no fluctuation, and was the perpetrator of the poorly written dialogue for the rest of the film. Most of the actors tried their best with the simplistic speech they were given, but combine it with terrible special effects, a story that has no coherent consistency, and the worst sound-track, everyone involved is doomed to look like a failure. Luckily for the movie industry, this is the only venture RZA directed, and that is his one redeeming feature. The Man with the Iron Fists is a very cringe-worthy show, filled with glamorized violence, executed by poor generic fight sequences. It belongs in a recyclable dust bin.

Joetaeb D (fr) wrote: The fifth installment of the endless series is even more lazy and contrived than it's preceding film. The traps get more gratuitously bloody and the acting/scripting is much worse this time. It's trying way too hard to tie everything together in a short time of the film universe's history. The franchise reached it's to the peak of it's dork age around here.

John Andrew C (ru) wrote: gloriously violent and over the top. The film does deserve kudos for originality and rhona mitra is a hot and great heroine to this action scifi apocaltic adventure.

David T (fr) wrote: Easily my favorite (so far) of the plethora of killer doll films from Charles Band and Full Moon Pictures. Almost all of these movies follow the same formula: start off with a flashback, then in present day, each doll will get its own kill, and then take turns killing on a pretty basic rotation, sometimes teaming up for kills later on. Lather, rinse, regurgitate. And while this one is no different, it does sport a pretty darned entertaining script, competent acting, lighting, sound, and overall production. By this time, Charles Band knew what he was making, and didn't try to pretend it was something it wasn't. This is in no way scary, but it is surprisingly bloody in a couple of scenes, and the humor is dead-on. A few scenes that build up to a classic cheap jump scare, with the music (which was pretty much great throughout) swelling and the tension rising, end up with an incredibly silly and funny doll effect that, in my book, are Full Moon gold. A very fun B-movie for a night that offers nothing better to watch.

Aaron A (it) wrote: One or two laugh out loud moments but not enough to save the film. The overall concept was a stretch too far and Christopher Walken as the villain didn't work for me to be honest. His character was just weird and creepy to be honest.

Isaac C (de) wrote: Very funny!And still much better than Final Destination (Devon Sawa, I'm looking at you).

Leo L (au) wrote: Hmmm...I've rated this before..oh well. One of my all-time favorites!! Fantastic story plot that centralizes around a group of friends finding their ways in, and out, of love and relationships. Their shared stories give interests and aspects for one another to avoid in their own, but it is trust that appears to be lacking quite a deal. Filled with sense of humor that has you intrigued. Great performance by Marissa Ribisi. Amazing cast-Juliette Lewis, Michael Rappaport, Giovanni Ribisi, and Jeremy Sisto. Definitely worthy.

Maestro S (es) wrote: watched this in film class -- it was freaky and I have no IDEA what people though was so fucking great about it

Alex G (au) wrote: A nothing movie without a story or point. Ultimately, the film ends up telling us that dropping the dependable fiance and cheating on her with the new hottie will end up with everyone happy.

Ellie D (fr) wrote: I love the Police Academy gang.

jay n (de) wrote: The story is fairly ridiculous but Sally is very winning and James Caan and Jeff Bridges make good contrasts. Claire Trevor is a pistol as Sally's bossy plain talking mother.

Chris R (us) wrote: Ralph Bakshi's films always make me both think and smile with satisfaction of a great film.

Spencer H (jp) wrote: While Mean Streets isn't Scorsese's best, it's still an amazing film.

Jeremiah (mx) wrote: this movie was much better on mystery science theatre 3000 on that show i give it 3 1/2 stars but the upside...RICHARD KIEL!!!!!

Simon O (es) wrote: The crap factor makes it worth it. Nothing else to say, really. has that famous shot in it from the opening of Malcolm in the Middle. That's a good show, go watch that instead.

Asher K (nl) wrote: A classic Hepburn-Tracy romance. What makes the duo work stems mainly from Hepburn whose strong-willed, independent and stubborn characters (who have no glimmer of self awareness) sweep the stoic Tracy into a whirlwind of madness, which stumbles through in somewhat of a daze.