Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega

Two mismatched wolves embark on a cross-country quest to get back home and restore peace in their pack after being relocated thousands of miles away by well-meaning park rangers. Quick-witted Humphrey (voice of Justin Long) likes to frolic with friends and play video games with squirrels; disciplined Kate (voice of Hayden Panettiere) likes to call the shots and hunt caribou. Normally, an omega wolf like Humphrey would never stand a chance with an alpha wolf like Kate, but when they're both transported halfway across the country they must work together to get back to their natural habitat. And it won't be easy either, because the one thing Humphrey and Kate can agree on is that they don't have anything in common. Perhaps by working together toward a common goal, however, the two contentious traveling companions will finally realize that even lone wolves can use a helping paw every once in a while.

After park rangers capture and ship them halfway across the country, omega wolf Humphrey and alpha wolf Kate are thrown together into a foreign land and need each other to return home, but love complicates everything. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenneth S (jp) wrote: Movie was ok. It had some funny moments and drama moments but it didn't feel good for me. I only watched it because of Anna Kendrick and the movie has many plot holes within the other characters in the movie! It was sad too though too. However it was also a beautiful film about family so I guess other people might enjoy it too!

Kenny N (ca) wrote: No stars.The first film is a modern classic of wretchedly awful filmmaking. The 21st Century "Manos" (which is an insult and a compliment.)And yet, James Ngyuen, the twisted mind behind the original, decides to do what Hal P. Warren never did:Mock his own terrible movie WITH another terrible movie.Rod still has the stage presence and energy of an empty fishbowl. Natalie still tries WAY too hard. And the birds are once again the best special effects that 1995 can offer.But anyway, there are a ton of new people I refused to learn anything about, and they're living it up in L.A. until the birds come and stick their beaks into everyone else's business. It's up to Rod and Natalie to save them.Ngyuen takes the "Disaster Movie" or "Epic Movie" does approach to satire here: the belief that just referencing the material is all that's needed to cook up a buffet of laughs. Look! There's the "Hanging Out With My Family" singer! OMG!! It's the badly wigged hippie who was paranoid about spruce bark beetles!!!...Yep. They're there alright. They don't do anything funny or interesting though. Which is what a satire needs to succeed.It's terribly sad to see someone set their goal low and STILL fail. Stick with the first one. The laughs were unintentional. Mr. Ngyen didn't seem to get that part of the joke

Ajay D (jp) wrote: wonderful and unique concept but a Bollywood movie will be a Bollywood movie ?? too many Crappy and sickening moments..

Jake W (au) wrote: Not the worst story ever, but lacking in a number of fields.

Barbara C (es) wrote: This is what happens when you put worthy actors in a terrible movie. They totally went for it which I respected but they had almost nothing to work with. The demons looked ridiculous.

Paul C (gb) wrote: Highly stylized, visually stunning, surreal "action" flick (sort of). Don't expect a coherent or linear story, though. I'm still torn on this one. I think I liked it, but I don't know if I could recommend it.

Phillip Patricia G (gb) wrote: One of them shows that i'd never seen before now and one i enjoyed alot.

A B (br) wrote: Jeff Bridges and Kim Basenger with real heavy accents ya'll, get inta all kinda trouble. It looks very dated, but it's just about watchable, because of the great actors.

Darren L (mx) wrote: When it comes to horror films we have seen plenty of different types but a mockumentary style works in this new way that has good scares throughout.

David T (fr) wrote: Mom and I saw this in 3-D winter before last and we both found it even better than we were expecting it was going to be. A majority of fans of the first film like me will have a blast watching SpongeBob in this film and I wouldn't mind Paramount and Nickelodeon Studios making a third one. You will not be disappointed!

Nick P (br) wrote: Fuckin' awesome. Straight to the point and no bullshit. Hayter is a great writer, and his ability to give entertainment from beginning to end and still create a wicked storyline is something many can't do these days. This movie is the "Lost Boys" that werewolf fans have been waiting for.