Alpha Male

Alpha Male

Drama about a family torn apart after the death of its patriarch. Haunted by their father's death, Jack and Elyssa have a fraught relationship with their remarried mother even now they have come of age.

Alpha Male is the story of family life. It is a film about the force of personality, family politics, repressed emotions, great love and devastating loss. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alpha Male torrent reviews

Scott J (jp) wrote: Seems like everyone was wasted in their roles.

Greg F (fr) wrote: Someone please stop the music !! it's irrelevant

N DEEZY A (ca) wrote: Sick movie those mountians were crazy

Peter G (ca) wrote: Erinn. 4 Erinn4ErinnWei

W D (us) wrote: This movie is SHIT! Avoid at all costs.

dinahmoe h (gb) wrote: Watched this the other day, still great. I probably bump up the points because I'm a car guy, but it's still worth watching, and has rewatchability.

Mark L (jp) wrote: Ah, those were the days. When you could have films about discredited psychoanalysts with weird film collages, and half of it be some story about a Soviet ice skater meeting a couple of firebrand revolutionaries, and the other half be a documentary about Wilhelm Reich...and have a few performance artists illustrate parts of Reich's philosophy by getting up to no good? One of the oddest films I've seen in many a long day, and I really enjoyed it.

C H (es) wrote: Buuel, como sempre, tenta abordar temas polmicos. Neste filme pedofilia e racismo.No um filme comum do Buuel, um daqueles de sua fase mexicana. Lembra 'La mort en ce jardin'.No chega a ser ruim, mas est longe de ser extraordinrio. bem feitinho e prende o espectador.

James H (es) wrote: Good western, great cast. Kirk Douglas is most always good. Suspenseful, good production and the story is well written.

Scott K (es) wrote: Well acted, family drama that Ozu excels at. The movie kind of creeps up on you and you're not aware if how invested you've become in the characters until you're hanging on every conversation.

Rich H (ca) wrote: Unwatchable. The worst movie I've ever seen.

Takee A (mx) wrote: A fantastic movie with a very important moral: Don't spoil your kids, & you'll be surprised! (Or something like that). Or keep your expectations low & you will be surprised.??????

Michael W (es) wrote: Whether it's my love for the surreal or this film's actual merits, I can't say. But I really loved this strange little gem.

deb g (gb) wrote: i totally loved this movie... i almost cried