Alsino and the Condor

Alsino and the Condor

Alsino, a boy of 10 or 12, lives with his grandmother in a remote area of Nicaragua. He's engulfed in the war between rebels and government troops when a US advisor orders the army to open a staging area by the boy's hamlet. Alsino tries to be a child, climbing trees with a girl, looking through his grandfather's trunk of mementos and trying to fly; he goes to town to sell a saddle, has his first drink and is taken to a brothel. But the war surrounds him. The US advisor takes Alsino on a chopper flight, but he's unimpressed. The soldiers' cruelties awake rebel sympathies in Alsino, and after an army assault backfires, the lad is fully baptized into the conflict.

Alsino, a boy of 10 or 12, lives with his grandmother in a remote area of Nicaragua. He's engulfed in the war between rebels and government troops when a US advisor orders the army to open ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barbara J (es) wrote: The most exciting aspect of the movie was the music.

Dan H (mx) wrote: Dr. William Harford (Tom Cruise) and his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) are stuck in a lifeless marriage. When Alice confesses one of her naughtier sexual fantasies to Will, it sends him down the yellow brick road to where the rainbow ends. This is a hyper-sexual film that doubles as a fantasy and a mystery. It's surreal, bizarre, haunting, and dream-like. I'd compare it to a hyper-sexual fever dream. It may not be Kubrick's best, but it's certainly one of his most fascinating, odd, and engaging ones. I definitely enjoyed it.

David A (nl) wrote: (from The Watermark, 01/23/97) Woods plays the man who murdered civil rights activist Medgar Evers in the early 1960's. Thanks to jury-tampering and the racist climate of Mississippi, he gets off scot-free. But Evers' widow (Goldberg) never stops trying to get the case re-opened, and 25 years later, the assistant D.A. (Baldwin) decides to re-examine the case and see justice prevail. The characters are rather two-dimensional (which is very strange when one considers that these are actual people), and the story moves along at a consistent, though uninteresting, pace. Better camerawork could have helped, but this unbelievably true story seems too static to carry a big-budget Hollywood vehicle. Why is it that none of the recent racial trial flicks (including A Time To Kill and The Chamber) have tried to explore what is really at the core of racism?

Linda P (jp) wrote: Entertaining as all get out. All I ask for out of a movie is a few chuckles, and this gave me more than a few. Completely ridiculous, but that was expected, so not disappointed. People need to stop taking themselves and everything else so seriously.

Jon C (jp) wrote: a 90's black horror comedy that subdues itself in body horror and chuckle-worthy giggles a modern take on the Frankenstein story spruced up in its own sillinessa drop-out med student loses his girlfriend in an accident involving a lawnmower and brings her back with spare parts from human hookers, of course, things don't go so smoothly as she goes on a murderous rampage and he tries to bring her back to her sensesthe movie strangely takes a while for the plot to start and then it moves quite quickly afterat least it zips by and delivers the goods however horrific they may bestupid but a lot of fun to be hadbeing so good with science is still a deadly thing in itself when it comes to bringing the dead back to life

Tara V (ru) wrote: Danny Peary's book Cult Movies makes these points:-kung fu pics took a position in reaction to Communist Chinese film narratives: "Chinese of same social standing - but of different martial arts schools - fighting one another; with heroes working individually to defeat a villain who does not represent an oppressive government... but is a a gangster, racketeer, and a murderer, whom the government has no love for either."-the flaws in the film: Lee unhappily departed from his trademark (i.e.taking the side of the little guy) to be a James Bond figure; inconsistencies in the story; no time element.-what sets Lee apart from other 'chop socky' stars: no root philosophical base, own stunts. And oh yeah, Lee is "the most charismatic sexual film personality of the period". The film objectifies his body and makes sexual metaphors about him.

Daniel B (us) wrote: A Great Jem, fantastic from the stunning start to the dframatic and wonderfil middle and wow what an ending, great work. I liked this a lot. The film is loosely based on the book witht he same title. A great film. Love the music a lot It helps it all the way through this timelessly classic. A fine cast is in top form. Fantastic oopening sequences with baboons and then we finally see the cast in a situation I have never seen before. I dont ever remembefring seeing a better film like this ever. Hollywood has never done anything like this before. A true classic. Fantastic special effects help this big time. A great ending. and what an idea using a computer in those days they were not around yet. Fine acting.

Chris L (ca) wrote: Cate Blanchett's yet another spectacular performance made this flick 5 stars!

Facebook U (it) wrote: This is actually a remake of a french film idea of the 60s. A guy is slow mowing into a car crash and review all his life in a second. This is more slow and ghost-whispery but same idea. I found it nice and lovely exercise of a film. Could not guess where it was going, which was nowhere in particular!

Caleb C (es) wrote: A nearly perfect film from Clint Eastwood. This is a bit of an oddly directed one though, I will say. But it does work for what is here and it is pretty brilliant and moving and sometimes disturbing as well. I can also say this is one of the best bio-pic's I've seen in a while.

Donovan L (gb) wrote: Awesome, funny movie. One of Seth Rogen's best