A young family find themselves in serious danger when they move to an isolated haunted house in the Yorkshire Moors.

The Hamilton family move into a large country house on the Yorkshire Moors to supervise its restoration from a dilapidated B&B to the original Victorian grandeur. When Meg Hamilton, wife, mother and renovation expert first loses her London team after an accident, then a local Yorkshire team too superstitious to continue, she's forced to carry on alone. The discovery of a secret attic room, a Rosicrucian mosaic, a bricked up root cellar and many other unexplainable events gradually convince Meg, her husband Alec and children Penny and Harper, that they're not only restoring the house, but also its original Victorian owners who died 150 years ago. But before they can escape, the house - and its former occupants - force them to spend one last, terrifying night under its roof. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joules L (kr) wrote: Quite sad really. Good nevertheless. Morose.

Ron P (ag) wrote: Rarely is there a werewolf movie that shows the monster in true form. Has to be the best werewolf movie ever.

Julio S (ag) wrote: Why!!!!!!! Why did there have to be a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan V (gb) wrote: I've never seen Van Damme give a genuine, heartfelt performance before this film. Don't get me wrong, I love his stuff. His usual work is what you expect in muscle-bound, 'turn your brain off' action movies. This was different. Introspective and borrowing heavily from his real life struggles, this film gives Van Damme the chance to give a genuinely touching performance. It's not his most entertaining or fun movie, but it's his most complete performance as a genuine actor, rather than as a martial artsy action god.

Gome A (es) wrote: I just love Amanda so I had to watch it ... it was a quite good look at the life of artists ...

Lisa Z (es) wrote: Some certain group shoud watch it

Thomas B (au) wrote: ***It's a bit overlong, and suffers from some pacing issues, but one can't help but admire Paul Thomas Anderson's well made drama, that is helped by a great performance by Daniel Day-Lewis.

Lanky Man P (ag) wrote: Sick, sad, disurbing, powerful. Your stomach will turn.

Frederick H (br) wrote: Apart from Zemecki's brilliant directing and a great story line, I was impressed by the way Chuck's thoughts, ideas and personal dilemas and how he dealt with them was put across without hardy a word of dialogue. I was really there with him all the way.

Shannon C (fr) wrote: A beautiful and sad story about how much joy a mother gets from looking after her family, who only realise how much she does once she becomes sick.

Mike G (br) wrote: Coral ??mujer obesa con insoportable halitosis- abandona a sus hijos, mata y destaza a sus rivales movida nicamente por el amor que siente por Nicols -calvo y grotesco embaucador de mujeres solitarias-, con quien recorre un sinuoso camino de asesinatos. En un acto de suprema irona, el cineasta dedica la pelcula a Martha (Beck) y Raymond (Fernandez) -??los asesinos de los corazones solitarios??-, muertos en la silla elctrica el 8 de marzo de 1951 en la prisin de Sing Sing por el asesinato de 17 mujeres (la historia inspir en 1970 la cinta de Leonard Kastle, The Honeymoon Killers). Sobre la base formal de una road movie, Ripstein explota su magistral direccin, cargada de un sardnico humor de la negrura ms profunda, en donde la cmara por fin se abre para mostrar hermosos parajes abiertos pero igual de claustrofbicos y asfixiantes. Historia de amour fou de sordidez desolada, sobre un mundo del que no se tiene salida alguna. Genial.

Dee D (gb) wrote: Myriem. I saw your Wonderful Potrayal of the Virgin Mother. It was a beautiful, & thought provoking Film-Dee O' Donoghue, now living in the Washington, DC area, originally from Cork City, Ireland. Myriem if you are out there somwhere....I just wanted to say "Hello again" after many many years. Anne Lives near me in Bethesda, MD. USA. Brian still lives in Cork City happily. Mum & Dad, sadly Died in 2001, a very tough year for all of my Family:( better now for all of us:) A bientot Myriem, Dee:)

Bridget K (ru) wrote: A pinnacle of English writing and satire.

Charles P (ag) wrote: Once Upon a Time in Mexico is a blaring, ungodly muddle, 1 1/2 hours of violent boredom punctuated with a couple of twists and laughs.

Gerardo S (de) wrote: It was quite scary at times but It wasn't a bad movie. It was like a slasher movie