Altered States

Altered States

A research scientist (William Hurt) explores the boundaries and frontiers of consciousness. Using sensory deprivation and hallucinogenic mixtures from native American shamans, he explores these altered states of consciousness and finds that memory, time, and perhaps reality itself are states of mind.

A Harvard scientist conducts experiments on himself with a hallucinatory drug and an isolation chamber that may be causing him to regress genetically. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Altered States torrent reviews

Germain G (ag) wrote: Comme d'hab : trop de pub a sent le pige ...

WS W (ag) wrote: I just hate the tone, & basically the storyline.

Karsh D (br) wrote: Director didn't know if it was a film about a killer crocodile or genocide in Burundi, so did both. A confused mess of a film.

Hardy H (nl) wrote: A Movie with an interesting concept, a so so plot, not so great of an execution, and a terrible ending. All and all, not much point is made and a whole lot of opportunities were missed. it could've been a metaphor for energy crisis, or animal cruelty issue (brew and "milk" human like modern day slaughter house)Ethan Hawke essentially phoned in the performance, and While Claudia Karvan is an attractive actress, she plays it like she's in a tv show (and she is a tv actress).

Victoria C (jp) wrote: True flame love. Excellent

Jane L (it) wrote: Full review later...

Lara R (es) wrote: bastante estranho, mas tem sua graa.

Elise P (gb) wrote: This classic exploitation film is all things ridiculous and gratuitous. It is definitely not for the overly sensitive as it is highly sexist, racist, violent and pornographic. Despite all that and in fact because of it, this film is brilliant. While that might sound strange this film is hilarious because of those things. The overacting, the gratuitous nudity and violence make a mockery of itself. The film doesn't take itself seriously and it is enjoyable to watch the bad acting, and the hilarious absurdity of the "plot". Born in the era of the Grindhouse cinema which would predominantly show exploitation films Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS is based upon the the Nazi doctors experiments in concentration camps during World War 2. Ilsa is the doctor and leader of a group of women who torture and experiment upon their prisoners. While the film is definitely sexist depicting numerous counts of humiliation and torture of women and by women, it also depicts Ilsa as this strong and ruthless woman. Despite the negative depictions of women, the film is also misogynistic as well, particularly with Ilsa's lack of sexual satisfaction and punishment of her prisoner lovers through castration. Although the film is poorly acted, over the top and ridiculous a lot of the "experiments" shown are based upon actual experiments conducted by Nazi doctors on Jewish and other prisoners. There is a sort of horror element to this film and an inability to look away, with the strange juxtaposition of melodramatic ridiculous portrayal of horrific torture which is at the same time laughable. As an exploitation film I think it would sort of beg the question if one were to chastise the film for it's exploitation and abuse of serious issues like WW2, Nazis and the torture of women and men. Instead I choose to view this film as entertainment, albeit bad, cheap entertainment it is still enjoyable. This film harkens back to the time before there was home movie viewing before the advent of VHS and Beta-tapes, DVD, BluRay or the internet where you could view pornography or explicit films. In a way I see this film as a cultural snapshot, and a prime example of exploitation film where people would go to the Grindhouse to watch cheap B grade films that were gross, violent, sexual and all things explicit that weren't shown in mainstream cinemas. Although the film may be simplified as "immoral" it in fact follows much of the traditional mainstream moral system built into Hollywood cinema since the studio system where the "evil" characters are punished in the film and good tends to win out in the end. Overall this is a sadistic and gratuitous delight to watch.

Tishka F (ca) wrote: To enjoy with a good beer on a Saturday night.

Trevor W (es) wrote: this movie works on so many levels & although it lives in the shadow of DB's (National Treasure) original it's a fine piece of work.

Eero V (fr) wrote: There's a telling moment in Chris Morris' scathing satire of radical Islamists: Omar, the smartest member of a group of eager but profoundly dim-witted British self-proclaimed, anti-Western jihadists, is walking through a park when he sees his moderate Muslim brother playing football with his friends. He asks Omar to join their community, but Omar merely responds with disdainful remarks. Is he angry that his brother is not a "true" muslim because he's not willing to blow himself up? Or is he jealous that his brother is evidently contented with his life without jihad? This moment perfectly exemplifies one of the film's greatest strengths: its politics are never that clear, without ever blaming either the doctrine of Islam or just the depravity of human mind as for why religious terrorists do what they do. Radical Islam has always been controversial topic (right now more than ever), but Morris is smart enough to never let his film tilt on either side of the debate. Four Lions is an outrageously funny and absurd comedy with just the right dose of humanity amidst all the dark comedy, with fantastic performances from the cast, especially Nigel Lindsay and Kayvan Novak. Only towards the end the laughter gets stuck in the viewer's throat, as the film becomes also a sad reminder of an alarming fact: that real people really do these things, in the real world.

Beth S (au) wrote: Reminds me of "My Best Friend's Wedding" with Julia Roberts.

Louis D (ag) wrote: Aside from the expertly portrayed performances of Jean Gabin and Alain Delon, this film seems to be a disjointed collision of well-done, but separately constructed genre pieces holding onto each other via weak transitions. Only at the film's brilliant, and virtually silent, conclusion can the spectator realize the cohesiveness of this A-grade crime story.

Antonio A (de) wrote: Fine and old fashioned, not a bad movie.

Ryan C (jp) wrote: "Bandits" is enjoyable solely because of Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton's performances, otherwise it's just a messy heist film that tries to mix comedy, romance and action too much.