After a mysterious malfunction sends their small plane climbing out of control, a rookie pilot and her four teenage friends find themselves trapped in a deadly showdown with a supernatural force.

After a mysterious malfunction sends their small plane climbing out of control, a rookie pilot and her four teenage friends find themselves trapped in a deadly showdown with a supernatural force. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott B (ag) wrote: Even at their best, Dolan's post-J'ai Tue Ma Mere films have been little more than vanity projects, and this film really is hardly different; but it's surprisingly enjoyable with an engaging storyline and tthere's a palpable amount of tension tunning throughout, especially in the second half.

Rahul S (jp) wrote: An average movie with a surprising twist in the climax...2 extra stars for that !

Arianna J (br) wrote: This only gets a lower rating because of the ending. Everything else about it was phenomenal

urim t (fr) wrote: Also "Ghosts of Abu Ghraib (2007)" HBO documentary, useful additional interviews. Lots of story around Samuel Provance on the web.

Priyu K (ca) wrote: jonathan rhys myers is frightening, besides that, shit.

Charlie H (jp) wrote: a fun, sick, twisted take on the Shakespearean classic. one of troma's most artistic films.

Jens T (kr) wrote: The films about the Yugoslav war on Balkan isn't like any other war movies. The movies about the second world war it's all despair and seems like the end of the world as we know it, it's a dead serious war. But the films about the Yugoslav wars tends to have a comical undertone, no matter how brutal this conflict was, with all it's ethnic cleaning and huge losses. A dark comical tone that is present in such films as "Underground" and "No Man's Land". I think that the comedy lies in that irony that all the ethnic groups are so alike in many ways. They even speak the same language. But it's their religion and their history which in the end of the day defines which side you are on.Srdjan Dragojevic's Pretty Village, Pretty Flame tells the story about two best friends. One Serb, Milan, and one Muslim, Halil. Who back in 1980, discovered an abandon tunnel that is out of use. No body dears to go close to this tunnel. A decade later, war has broke out between the different ethnic groups. Especially between the Serbs and the Bosniaks, where Milan and Halil is on each side. The violence just escalates. Villages are burned down. One night, Milan's platoon is being ambushed by Bosniaks, and seeks cover in the abandon tunnel from his childhood.Pretty Village, Pretty Flamme is a modern classic in Serbian cinema. And almost ten percent of Serbia's population. But it heavily criticized by other former Yugoslav countries of being to pro-Serbian and anti-bosniaks, and racist. Is this true. Both yes and no. In the tunnel where the Serbian platoon is trapped, a radio voice coming from a hidden radio in the cave, with a laughing Bosniak. Who seems to love terrorizing the Serbs. But there's also the fact that Milan did have a Muslim best friend. But the reality makes it impossible for them to continue their friendship. This movie might seem racist, but a the same time, it's shows us why. And it's comical undertone shows us how ridiculous the situation is. Overall it's a thrilling war film, with a great plot, but with to much symbolism. Thumbs up.

Adrian Z (ru) wrote: High school football player Cruise wants a scholarship out from his steel-mill town, but finds doors closing on him after a spat with coach Craig T. Nelson. Absorbing teen drama with some good performances from Cruise and Thompson, who have good on screen chemistry as high school sweethearts.

illl n (it) wrote: mi favorite cronenberg film, as a mental health professional its a very intresting analysis of all the main themes that are the core of cronenberg movies they are, love, sex, violence crazynes, and the terror of having to take a look inside and fiding that the most horrifying thing is one self

Cancelled U (ru) wrote: i think the new 1 is better though.

Steve W (ru) wrote: The plot is threadbare and there are lots of invasive musical moments, but when the movie is funny its hilarious. The cigar scene alone is worth a viewing for this Circus themed Marx bros film.

IJ T (es) wrote: well acted and well crafted

Shuo L (it) wrote: But he was not a hunk....

Bea G (fr) wrote: the battle dress is spectacular