Maverick. Auteur. Rebel. Innovator. Storyteller. Rambler. Gambler. Mad man. Family man. Director. Artist. Robert Altman's life and career contained multitudes. This father of American independent cinema left an indelible mark, not merely on the evolution of his art form, but also on the western zeitgeist. "Altman", Canadian director Ron Mann's new documentary, explores and celebrates the epic fifty-year redemptive journey of one of the most important and influential filmmakers in the history of the medium. With its use of rare interviews, representative film clips, archival images, and musings from his family and most recognizable collaborators, Mann's Altman is a dynamic and heartfelt mediation on an artist whose expression, passion and appetite knew few bounds.

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d v (it) wrote: Loved it! Wish it was on the big screen to share with friends for a girls night out (like seeing "Sex In The City" in the meantime, a girls night in (video on demand). Tells a love story far more true to life and believable, and relatable. Want to go to Mel's for cake, like in the movie. Want to get the flick to Emma Watson #heforshe. Can't wait to see it again.


Ken S (mx) wrote: This Rolling Stones Concert film (they are playing a benefit concert for Bill Clinton), directed by Martin Scorsese, is about as good as a concert film can be. The fact that you get to see Scorsese stressing about how he is going to shoot this thing gives it a little edge over other concert films too. I've never been a huge Stones fan really, I mean I like them, but I've always been more partial to the Beatles. Okay I'm actually a GIANT Beatles fan. Still, the Stones have plenty of great tunes, and it is fun to see how even though they are old as dirt they can still rock pretty hard. This might be better than his concert film for The Band, long considered one of the best concert films ever made. Scorsese is a master who can pretty much direct anything and it will somehow come out pretty good.

Idy H (jp) wrote: Was on the final editing panel for this movie

Ziv E (fr) wrote: Avatar is an okay Environmental film with good visuals and fantastic Navis, but an other plot and characters that are just generic tropes we've seen over and over.This is a good film if you want tons of sad moments or if you want a nice message but don't expect anything phenomenal or groundbreaking.Story:6|10Visuals:8|10Characters:5|10Overall:6.1|10

Aaron H (au) wrote: Could have been much better than it was, but considering the budget, it was fairly well done. The end was a bit too much deus ex machina for my tastes.

Andrew S (gb) wrote: Immensely fun for the younger audience that it's intended for.

Orlok W (gb) wrote: You Could be Walking around Lucky and not even know it--A loveable story about a loveable loser!!

Francis M (de) wrote: Nicely put together, if trying not to offend with a touchy subject. Not sure if Fonda was a good choice with the role, as Meg Tilly seemed in her own world, modern acting style considerably more interesting.High notes -Ac - Meg Tilly

Louise D (br) wrote: Fast-talking noir. Deals in gossip and police corruption rather than murder, but somehow all the grimmer for it

Nelson B (us) wrote: Grade: A+Rating: 10/10

Bobby L (us) wrote: Finally watched this one the whole way through. Although Cameron Diaz's acting was pretty crappy at times, the movie itself wasn't - I thought it was a fun idea for a story, and I enjoyed seeing it all play out.

Gursimar S (gb) wrote: enjoyed it way more than i should it if you like dark comedy movies...also perfect movie to watch if you have friends over....Enjoyable all they through..its a must watch if you're a horror movie fan....also do not watch if you cant handle bloodshed

Leonard D (gb) wrote: The book was bad enough, and this didn't even try!

Brett H (au) wrote: Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland is the latest in a long line of television series to get the big-screen treatment, and even though the cast from the show all return, the energy and wit just isn't there and its quality is way lower than the series. The story is exactly what you'd expect; there's a problem at the football team's, Goat House, and the only way to raise the funds to fix it is by throwing an epic rager, it's unfortunate though that the laughs don't seem to surface until halfway through the film. Alan Ritchson is still the stand-out as, Thad Castle, spewing out the most ridiculous, Stiffler-esque lines that rarely fail to get a laugh, though his batting average was pretty low for the first 20 minutes. The film is R-rated, so for the first time the cast gets to use crude language and pollute the screen with tons of gratuitous nudity, however the novelty wears off fast and it became too reliant on these gimmicks. There are certainly some laughs here, and the second half of the film is really funny, mostly due to a new character, named Dickdawg who is Thad's cousin and is just as absurd, played by funny YouTuber, Jimmy Tatro. There is also a HILARIOUS bit with the main character, Alex having what he thinks is a three-way that had me busting a gut. It's all just a little disappointing that this crowd-funded, long-awaited film version of the hit show is actually less funny than the show and with a stupid ending, doesn't leave a rewarding taste in the mouth and many of the laughs feel half-baked.