An experimental drama entirely composed by monologues. A personal journey through male homosexuality - from darkness to light, from total denial to complete acceptance - as told in ...

An experimental drama entirely composed by monologues. A personal journey through male homosexuality - from darkness to light, from total denial to complete acceptance - as told in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ernie T (us) wrote: A gripping, real-time chronicle of the events from the first impact to the last tower's fall. Expertly edited from countless hours of footage captured that day by the news and the average person on the street.

Austin G (de) wrote: Monster House brings the kid-friendly horror and humor that will be familiar to fans of Goosebumps.

Joanne B (us) wrote: This movie is not just a tear jerker. It has a good plot and it makes you think about the justice system. Pierce Brosnan is excellent as the lead. A great movie for families to see together.

Craig W (gb) wrote: John Travolta plays the soundman 'Jack Terri'. While out one night recording effects, he witnesses and inadvertently records what he believes to be car accident; of which a tyre 'blows out' and a couple's car careens off a bridge into a river. After he can only save the female occupant Sally (Nancy Allen), he learns that her dead companion was a Presidential Candidate. Jack plays back his recording and notices the sound of a gunshot, before the sound of a blown out tyre. This compiles a series of events whereby Jack takes it upon himself to prove his theory and seek justice for a murder and not a freak accident. It can be argued that the story is very basic for a political thriller, however the style and direction of it, takes it to a level of superiority for its genre. Brian de Palma includes great attention to detail and there is a very good dose of suspense throughout his scenes. This means that we, the audience, are not at all sidetracked by the unoriginality of its premise. The acting. Well, Travolta, the protagonist, is superb. He has an element of likeability throughout and portrays such a natural performance; operating in an impressively smooth, efficient and effortless way. Nancy Allen, is not so good. Her portrayal of a ditsy blonde escort almost becomes annoying at times. There are elements to her character but the term 'overacting' comes to mind and her performance can only be described as weak. John Lithgow has to get a mention too. Rarely have I seen a character stoically walk his way through the film as a ruthless killer and carry out such an emotionless and callous role to such great effect.This is one of the finest films about the process of film-making. It tends to have an old fashioned noir quality, with the momentum building upon mood and suspense. It is enjoyably stylish, if simple, but obtains a good balance. De Palma has an art of stylishly blending his scenes together. Both the directing of De Palma and cinematography of Vilmos Zsigmond is highly impressive. From beautifully shot scenes in the vein of Francis Ford Coppola, to the drastic suspense of Hitchcock, all the best tricks in the book are used here.The ending of the film is set up for a heroic conclusion in the traditional Hollywood mold, but instead the famous 'scream' climax and the haunting epilogue that follows serve as a reminder that with political progress always comes a loss. This generates element of realism, which you find is present throughout.But a particular mention must go to the opening of the film, which is absolutely brilliant; instantly engaging you and unwittingly getting you on board for the duration. It seems De Palma recognises that at the time of this release, the popular films were that of slasher and science fiction. He uses the opening scene to almost play a joke and show his movement away from horrors and harking back to similar 1970s classic political thrillers like 'The Parrallax View'. De Palma's masterly film conflates Antonioni's Blow-Up and Coppola's 'The Conversation' to produce a potent brew of conspiracy theory and cinematic virtuosity, that is all his own. 9/10 Great film

Julie G (de) wrote: Really disappointing movie. Unsteady filming & constant shrieking all the way through. No idea how this movie got a reasonably good rating.

Paul D (gb) wrote: Not quite a coming-of-age story, but certainly one about finding oneself. It's a relatively gentile story of love, relationships, and understanding life through education.

Ethan D (mx) wrote: this film is one of the most underated films + logan lerman is great as always

Eric S (jp) wrote: Campy thriller that bears a certain resemblance to the 1986 remake of THE FLY, only in this case, we're talking snakes. Takes too long to get to the "good stuff".

Dyron W (jp) wrote: A decent drama worth your time. Jeff Bridges is in top form here.