Always Goodbye

Always Goodbye

Following the death of her fiancé, Margot Weston is left pregnant and unmarried. Former doctor Jim Howard helps the desperate Margot. When her son is born, Jim helps her find a home for the baby with Phil Marshall and his wife. Margot insists that neither the Marshalls nor the child can ever know that she is his mother.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:1938
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:remake,  

Following the death of her fiancé, Margot Weston is left pregnant and unmarried. Former doctor Jim Howard helps the desperate Margot. When her son is born, Jim helps her find a home for the baby with Phil Marshall and his wife. Margot insists that neither the Marshalls nor the child can ever know that she is his mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ellen G (mx) wrote: Stor fan av filmer hvor menneskers veier mtes p et eller annet vis. Kjempefin.

Alexandru S (ru) wrote: Acting: 5/5Story: 4/5Perception: 4/5a highly emotional and involving life-story, showing a perfect balance between the ups and downs of our daily existences. The universality of the message and the outstanding performances erase all cultural and language gaps.

Kurt S (mx) wrote: Watched this movie because GQ listed it as one of their favorite movies of 2011. Super low budget, Hitchcock-like mystery movie filmed in Portland. Check it out.

Prince E (br) wrote: I knew there was a reason I put off watching this movie. I've seen better acting in junior high musicals. It's a vampire movie so one would expect the blood to look authentic at least. I really struggled to make it through the movie.

Leena L (kr) wrote: confusing to the level of falling apart. good performances, but maybe it would have worked better as a mini-series? too much going on, too many characters and sad destinies...

Nived N (kr) wrote: I just can't stop raving about this sensational film. Directed by RAHUL DHOLAKIA, ''Parzania'' documents the shameful Godhra massacre that cannot be erased and the missing of a Parsi boy Azhar Moddy who got lost in the riot. These heartbreaking stories can never be erased.............. Parsi Couple Cyrus Pithawala (NASEERUDIN SHAH) & Shernaz Pithawala (SARIKA) looses their 10 year old son Parzan (PARZAN DASTUR) in the Godhra carnage. The movies highlight's the struggle of the family in search of their lost child. The movie strikes the right chord, what makes this film so relevant is that movie

Jeff B (es) wrote: Really fascinating documentary with some light moments here and there, but it's mostly dark. The documentary focuses on three very different young men who are all very strong characters, and they are really the heart of what the film is about. They did a good job of presenting their story and making us care about what had happened to them and what was still happening to a huge number of refugees--not only there, but across the African continent.

Brandon W (gb) wrote: Chicago is directed by Rob Marshall, and it stars Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Richard Gere in a musical criminal comedy about a desperate girl that wants to be in the spotlight, but the guy that she thinks will help, turns out was lying to her, and that made her mad enough to kill him, and she goes to jail with the other girls where they wait for a lawyer that'll help get them out of jail for special occasions. In terms of careers, this is still one of the highest well liked films from director Rob Marshall, which makes sense as the film is written by Bill Condon who did Dreamgirls, Kinsey, Gods and Monsters, and some more that critics and people enjoy, well besides the final two Twilight films, but it could've happen for any director. While it wasn't as great as I remember it, I still thought Chicago is a solid film. The acting is really good, although it is Richard Gere who is stealing the show because he's having the most fun out of what he does for his character and you can just tell that his character loves his job. The dance scenes are great to watch when it transitions from reality to the musical stage, which is done very well that doesn't feel distracting. The characters are decent at best, but I think I wanted a bit more of them, but you had to take away some of the elements that were in the musical for cinematic purposes, so I understand why they did that, and the movie does flow very well in the story of it. There were some chuckles that I got, but it wasn't really as funny as people say it is, and from my opinion only, I found the songs to be unmemorable, not that the songs are bad, I mean He Had it Coming is the only song that I enjoyed and is the best part of the film, it's just I find the songs to be all right, not something that I listen to. It has some smart moments that were unexpected to me, and the writing by Bill Condon is pretty good at understanding the source material. Chicago is a really good movie that while it's not one of my favorite musicals, I still like what was of this movie.

Lindsay K (br) wrote: A little too predictable...

Shawna H (jp) wrote: Gotta love Micheal J. Fox

Gman H (br) wrote: Bloody brilliant, gloriously gory, etc, etc...I watched this for the first time today - worth the wait is an understatement.EPIC finale fight scene that just went on & on!![8/10]

Will C (kr) wrote: love this movie universal soldier van damm goes head to head dolph laurgren as the cyborg warriors

Cody B (fr) wrote: This is not the documentary to watch if you're actually interested in the case of Aileen Wuornos. This is more about the people that surrounded her during and after her conviction. It really is about the selling of a serial killer, as the documentary crew is stymied at almost every turn by people who refuse to speak to them or want to negotiate some exorbitant "appearance fee" as though they're they ones people want to see. There are two real as fuck guys in this doc. Everybody else is either shithouse rat crazy or isn't in it because they refused to speak to the crew.

Shane D (ag) wrote: After watching the powerhouse that is Pam Grier in Foxy Brown and Coffy, I decided to go with the male equivalent in Fred Williamson. Making the decision to bypass the original ??Black Caesar?? and going straight to its sequel ??Hell Up In Harlem?? based purely on the fact that I prefer the Edwin Starr soundtrack of the latter to the James Brown soundtrack of the former. Strange yes, justified yes. You simply can??t beat some of the classics from this genre and whilst Hell Up In Harlem doesn??t quite have the sass and sex that is so prominently on display in Coffy, it more than makes up for it with attitude or ??pimpatude??. Take a moment to check out the outfits being worn throughout and you??ll be endlessly impressed and jealous! As per the standard, there are boobs and butts, people getting shot at, stabbed, choked and there is a dastardly white guy who is causing everyone grief. Before I forget , this features one of the creepiest and hilarious gunfights I have ever seen, be on the lookout for Tommy Gibbs and his crew storming the beach and the subsequent shootout, complete with girls in bikinis attempting karate kicks and maid-assassins. Everything great blaxploitation should be.

Oliver N (nl) wrote: This is the true definition of classic Bond. With gadgets, girls, Martinis and a ludicrous plot, this is truely a stunning piece of filmography which spawned possibly the biggest (and longest) movie series ever created. You come out feeling both shaken and stirred.Verdict: A+

Tiago R (ca) wrote: Um filme muito legal pra alguem como eu que gosta de filmes trash hehehe