Always - Sunset on Third Street

Always - Sunset on Third Street

Leaving her provincial home, teenage Mutsuko arrives in Tokyo by train to take a job in a major automotive company but finds that she is employed by a small auto repair shop owned by Norifumi Suzuki. Suzuki's hair-trigger temper is held somewhat in check by the motherly instincts of his wife, Tomoe, and his young son Ippei immediately bonds with Mutsuko as if she were his older sister. The Suzuki shop lies almost in the shadow of the Tokyo Tower as it rises steadily above the skyline during construction in 1958.

Leaving her provincial home, teenage Mutsuko arrives in Tokyo by train to take a job in a major automotive company but finds that she is employed by a small auto repair shop owned by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Always - Sunset on Third Street torrent reviews

Ruud v (de) wrote: very curious about this movie !!!!

Justin T (ag) wrote: A solid movie but nothing really outstanding to take it to another level.

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Katrina L (kr) wrote: The funniest German film I have seen so far!

Deon S (jp) wrote: The last fight scene is a classic, not to be missed IMHO. Great slapstick ignore the serious moments.....One of Jackies best.

Mad M (ag) wrote: Classic. Paul Hogan's character is great. Good fun. Now, that's a knife.

Shawn W (fr) wrote: Great depiction of the off field life of a professional football player in the late 1970s. Hits on everything - painkillers, contracts, beer, women, dirty play. All the characters here seem spot on. Really liked the head coach and Dabney Coleman as the owner's brother.

Harriet M (kr) wrote: SPOILER ALERT: this movie sucks!

Rick Q (fr) wrote: the musical numbers only slow the film down, and have the characters singing some of the most on the nose lyrics ever. easily the weakest preminger film i have seen.

Steve W (ca) wrote: Weird movie finds Chow Yun Fat as a monk who is protecting a scroll that gives the reader unimaginable powers of wirework and sometimes gravity defying and telekinesis. This doesn't rank among Chow Yun Fat's better films, as the movie is filled with faux style martial arts, so everyone is flipping and the editing is quick and they are trying to pass off the fact that no one in the film actually knows martial arts. Throw in a plot more cheesy than gas station nachos, and you get a Nazi supervillain, tons of nondescript henchmen, and a very forgettable action flick.

Amanda W (au) wrote: Not usually into horror or whatever, but this sounds interesting, and oddly familiar

Jessica H (fr) wrote: Fans of Daryl Hannah or Splash may find this entertaining as well.

Roberto C (gb) wrote: Ta um filme que todos deveriam ver.

Harrison R (ru) wrote: The only way to make perfumers seem badass (also a good amount of nudity)

Paul S (mx) wrote: wasn't anything like I expected it to be which this time turns out to be a bad thing there was only like 10 minutes of the movie that was good and it wasn't even the ending the only reason I applauded at the end was because I was so grateful it was over

Carabo P (de) wrote: Un Jeckyll y Hyde... Pero bueno slo por ese primer plano de dientes de sable, vale la carcajada X-DDDDDDDDDDD