A man wakes up to discover everything he knows has changed with his closest friends telling him that he has been suffering from Alzheimer's. But not all is as what it seems.

The slow mental deterioration of a loved one is extremely distressing. In this program, partners of Alzheimer's sufferers tell their stories, relive their challenges and daily struggles ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alzheimer's torrent reviews

Deborah A (ru) wrote: Funny I enjoyed the movie so did my children, and the laughs did not stop, Tyler Perry keep them coming

Borhan K (nl) wrote: a really weird movie about a guy that falls in love with a gilr with an addiction and then pretends to have the same addiction and then goes on this topsy tervy journey to win her heart. Cut to the chase some well know actors are in this ,ovi but its a really bad movie. THe moral of the story is great but overall you can get the same moral by watching or reading something alot better.

Joseph M (mx) wrote: This movie was painful to watch. How long can 90 minutes feel? Without any semblance of a plot or structure...REALLY long. This meandering film school reject is a total waste of some decent actors. I payed 99 cents to rent this. That was 98 cents too much.

Grant S (kr) wrote: Underwhelming. I am a big fan of military dramas, especially those based on historic events, so this movie should have been a lock in terms of liking it. However, it fails to deliver.The biggest setback is Charlton Heston's accent. He's an American putting on a posh English accent, and he sounds it. Just feels so...superficial. Whatever possessed the producers to go with an American in as a 19th century English general is beyond me. At the time, Heston was the go-to actor for heroic roles, so that might explain it.Laurence Oliver is slightly better, as the Mahdi. Hardly recognisable, his accent is someones quite hilarious, and sometimes quite offensive (I would think). Were there no middle-eastern actors available at the time?Plot also seems quite padded. Yes, the political intrigues had to be there to show why General Gordon was in the situation he was in, and did what he did. However, there seems to be a lot of pointless scenes in the movie, particularly in the first half.This said, there are some good battle scenes. Plus, the movie seems fairly true to history (which you can't say about all historical dramas), so is useful as a history lesson.

Greg W (fr) wrote: the usual show within a show formula is applied here.

Kinch K (br) wrote: This was great! Really hilarious dialogue to break up a fairly tense story. And Peter Lorre is immaculate, charming, and sinister - as ever!

Dylan R (au) wrote: Characters are great.

Jennifer W (au) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies