Am I Evil

Am I Evil

Andrew Lakewood seems to be a normal average guy. He was raised by a loving family and has a close relationship with his older brother. His girlfriend adores him and his best friend could ...

Andrew Lakewood seems to be a normal average guy. He was raised by a loving family and has a close relationship with his older brother. His girlfriend adores him and his best friend could ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe C (kr) wrote: It made me jump a lot more then other horrors. But the acting is bad and it's a cheap production.

Suanne L (es) wrote: This movie was good, the star standout was Eliza Coupe. She was fantastic!

Lucas M (gb) wrote: Nebraska is a painfully funny comedy with an impeccable cast.

Jason S (fr) wrote: its a pretty good adam sandler movie

Ron S (es) wrote: Just a fun, creative and charming movie. Wonderful across the board.

Marty D (fr) wrote: Watch it everytime its on

Allan T (ru) wrote: One of the greatest films I have ever seen, but sadly unavailable in English in North America. A tragic story told Rashomon-style about vengeance and fate. Adjani is incredible in this role, displaying a range that few actresses could deliver. Someone, please release this film on DVD!

David S (ru) wrote: Does a good job motivating why this particular man might have thoughts about an extramarital affair with this particular woman. The final moments bring together all of the small incidents of the film quite nicely.

Kevin B (br) wrote: This revenge thriller is not one of Truffaut's best, and certainly no Hitchcock, but the Bernard Herrmann score helps. The premise of The Bride exacting vengeance (with a handy of list names to cross off!) is obviously a big influence on Kill Bill.

Dave S (kr) wrote: I'm a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan but I have to say this is one of his worst movies.

Carrie T (mx) wrote: "Social Nightmare": The First of Many Bad Movies!I decided to start my series of film analysis by writing about Social Nightmare! Social Nightmare is 2013 American mystery drama television film that was directed by Mark Quad and produced by Larry Rattner and premiered on the Lifetime Channel. The movie mentions a well-liked and excellent student who struggles to find the hacker who posted inappropriate photos and status updates on her online profile. What makes the movie not so great is that the twisted plot is so obvious. There will be spoilers throughout this review as I explain.Protagonist Catherine "Cat" Hardy (Kirsten Prout) is the cute, college bound, A-student with dreams of attending Brown with her best friend Emily Hargroves (Chloe Bridges). Emily is equally gifted, but settles in Cat's shadow such as college admissions and running for class president. Catherine "Cat" is also admired by her boyfriend Daniel (Brandon Smith). He has an autistic adopted sister named Joan. Joan is unaware of her adoption as her birth mother attempts contacting the family.Catherine "Cat" clearly is bright and determined. Her mom, Susan, (Daryl Hannah, who is best known for her role in the 1984 film Splash) is happy for her daughter, but is sad about the thought of her daughter leaving home.However, weird things start to happen as someone hacks into her computer and is posting all of her personal information, online. First, the yearbook pictures as Cat is a part of the organization with the school's camera. Second, they start harassing her best friends' families. Like this occurrence, Daniel's sister Joan noticed messages over her adoption and Emily found photographs of herself on a website for perverts. Cat is hurt when Emily received an acceptance letter from Yale University and devastated when Brown decides to drop her.Spoiler: Everyone thinks Cat is crazy, doctors places her on anti-depressant drugs, and she is suspended from school. After Cat feels better, she wonders about her missing phone. At the center of it all, she finds her phone in the house concealed in Susan's desk drawer. Cat goes into her mother's room and finds all kinds of incriminating evidence implying that Susan - Catherine's own mother - was the perpetrator all along (except for sending sexy pictures of Cat to everyone). Susan, admitting to her dirty deeds, cries about her miscarriages, failed marriage, and the fact that she doesn't want Cat to move away or Susan will commit suicide. Emily, who also figured out the truth, arrives to save Cat, but Susan hits Emily's head with a mirror and tries to strangle her. Cat calls 911 and the police arrests Susan. As the cop car drives off, Cat cries as Emily comforts her. However, the movie concludes happily with Cat going off to Brown with her best friend, Emily. As for her mother, Susan, she is living in a psychiatric ward. Despite, the dramatic events, Cat seems to have forgiven her mom and regularly talks to her on Skype. Overall, Cat's life is once again good.Just to note - one of the alternative titles is Mother and alternative DVD cover features Daryl Hannah's character with a butcher knife. I find the other name spoiling to the plot and the cover art misleading.Social Nightmare (or Mother) is not the best film, in my opinion. The plot was predictable, some parts had holes, and a few "students" looked as if they are out of college. However, this is Lifetime, for crying out loud, not to mention a production by The Asylum. I don't expect Academy Award nominee material. With that said, I give it a 6/10.

Carl Omar B (es) wrote: Entertaining with non-stop action but not as solid and dope as the first. Nothing beats the XANDER ZONE!!

PY C (ru) wrote: What in the world did I just watched?