Am Kreuzweg

Am Kreuzweg

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
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Am Kreuzweg torrent reviews

Adam H (ca) wrote: What happened to Joyce Vincent?

Steve K (gb) wrote: More fun from the Not Quite Hollywood folks, this one more directly a look at Corman's work in the Philippines. Sure, a bit more of the same, but still enjoyable.

ScubaSteve Walter M (au) wrote: Probably the worst CG movie out there, graphics is as dead as the zombies.

Sookie S (us) wrote: yep, well the silent film was made in 1902, and it was fascinating to watch with the little special effects they had at the time to use the other to films were a waste of my eye strain

Nathan C (nl) wrote: This looks annoying and has adam stupid sandler who is not funny.

Dead A (de) wrote: this is sooo bad its good!!

Chucho F (jp) wrote: Extraordinary story with extraordinary performances. Directed by Norman Rene, Longtime Companion fallows the story of several young men living in New York City all of whom are gay and about to experience the most horrific chapter of their lives: the Aids epidemic outbreak during the 1980s. The film centers on Willy and Fuzzy, the young couple who is spared from the virus but has the unfortunate will of having to watch all of their friends die one by one. It is with them, pretty much, that we get to see how this world-wide plague slowly changed the course in millions of people's lives. Director Rene is strong for not limiting himself in showing us the realities these people went through. It is shocking and painful at times to watch but powerful nonetheless. The performances are profound and so goddamn true, it's as if these people got inside these charters skins. Unbelievable. Shame only one actor got somewhat recognized. This story, again, with very strong performances, directing and a screenplay that will leave many people speechless.

(br) wrote: Absolute american bullshit. Non-Ukrainian, non-historical and non-Gogol' in all aspects. I was especially amazed (laugh even now when think of this dull screen adaptation) by Cossacks singing XI century russian song "Kalinka-malinka". Very funny considering how cossacks treated everything russian.

Chris P (ru) wrote: Brilliant! Visually stunning (I don't think Von Sternberg ever topped this), it is one of the greats of silent film.Where's the DVD, evil corporate overlords?

Jared B (mx) wrote: Lead by an inspired acting performance by Aaron Eckhart and intelligent writing by Jason Reitman, Thank You For Smoking delivers a highly intelligent satire that can appeal to all sides of the political compass