Amaram is the story of Achootty (Mammootty), a fisherman and his daughter, Radha (Maadhu). The uneducated Achootty wants his daughter to be educated and also want her to become a doctor. His dreams get shattered when she falls in love with her childhood friend.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
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Fernando A (kr) wrote: Stellan Skarsgrd plays Nils who ploughs the snow off the winter roads in Norway. Starting with the murder of his son, Nils goes on a quest for revenge. He takes down those responsible in order of where they are in the criminal organisation ladder. Starting at the bottom and working up. There is a black humour present throughout the criminals conversation to each other. Thanks to his actions a war starts between two gangs, one blaming the other for the deaths. All hell breaks out at the end as well as the heavy machinery. Go see it before some Hollywood movie exec ruins it in a remake.

Stefan B (es) wrote: It would be nice if this film had a wider release. It's just so fun!

fla v (br) wrote: the tuffest ting a road!

Melody S (gb) wrote: A slightly lighter, brighter Tideland or Lawn Dogs. Evan Rachel Wood is astonishing, and Kevin Bacon has some heartbreaking moments too.

Ashleigh D (gb) wrote: one of the best depictions of graffiti artists and urban life i've come across

Kingsley Z (mx) wrote: One of the funniest English titles for a Hong Kong movie. Chow and Alan Tang team up to fight rival gangsters. One minute this movie is a whole bunch of people killing each other then next minute its Chow dressed up like the picture of the Duran Duran cover dancing for old people or working at a 7/11. Kinda good action movie from Hong Kong just don't go into expecting Woo.

Myka B (ru) wrote: I know it's not Guns,but i love this film.

Luc L (mx) wrote: One of Romero's best movies and certainly his most personal film. A labor of love for Romero, which it is a character study picture. Amplas is excellent in the title role, about a strange disaffected 17 year old. Who thinks, he lived the life of a vampire before, because of a bizarre family curse. Although he is a very dangerous psychopath, who kills woman with his razor blades or anyone who gets in his way. But yet, he is somehow likeable after all the terrible things he does. In the outside, he looks like a flawed, somewhat slow human being, who gets no respect from his equally crazy uncle Cuba (Although he might be his cousin or that what Martin claims). Because he is a victim himself of his crazy family past. The movie does have an sense of humour, especially when Martin calls the local Radio station, talking about his crimes and what he thinks of society. Which, of course, the DJ doesn't take him seriously but he is amused by Martin's conversation. "Martin" certainly raises more questions than answers. It is a fascinating, bleak movie filled with black comedy and striking, sometimes documentary-style cinematography. One of the many highlights is Donald Rubinstein's sad, gothic music score and Romero's amusing cameo as a Priest!

Scott W (ca) wrote: I found this to be sort of awkwardly structured and I didn't care for Harold Warrender's narration. I think it maybe has one foot stuck in the forties and the other in the fifties and can't really decide which way to go.

Dorianator F (jp) wrote: Such a beautiful film. Some scenes are confusing, but the music goes together wonderfully with the visuals. It was a masterpiece in animation when it came out and the beauty still holds true.

Jason F (ag) wrote: Solid Classic! Daryl Hannah FTW

Jeff Y (mx) wrote: The one that started it all is now 10 years old and a classic. Great cast, great story and we still like to "move it, move it"!

Jenny Pat P (br) wrote: It was unexpected so you may say that it was a good surprise from the directorial effort of Steve Wolsh because of awesome script, really scary horror scenes and some really nice beauties - that sums up Muck for me. Can't wait for the prequel and the sequel which Steve has promised.

Matt B (kr) wrote: The first hour is mesmerizing. The cinematography in Terrence Malick's films is unreal. Sadly, To the Wonder escalates into utter hilarity halfway through. The dialogue gets lame (ex. "What is this love that loves us?") and I couldn't interpret what Malick was trying to say. Disappointing.

Jc E (us) wrote: Not just a pretty face, like Teri Hatcher, home grown Michelle Yeoh, held the longest breath underwater and kungFued away to make a dynamic duo with James Bond to prevent world war three. Thoroughly enjoyable. What were the critics thinking by giving it a rotten tomato?

tina m (de) wrote: need to make a second one