A drama centered on a young woman who takes a summer job caring for a bed-ridden older man, and the intimate secrets they begin to share with one another.

A drama centered on a young woman who takes a summer job caring for a bed-ridden older man, and the intimate secrets they begin to share with one another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron M (ru) wrote: The characters were banal, and didn't seem to develop at all. Great that someone has tackled abortion as a legitimate choice; however, this movie is seriously boring, and doesn't go anywhere.

Gianluca B (de) wrote: Interessante mai banale, anche se il tema lo lascerebbe supporre. Non decolla mai veramente, per.

John O (kr) wrote: I love this movie, it's one of the best

Private U (nl) wrote: Bollywood movie with lovely Aishwarya Rai.

Bruce J (es) wrote: Quirky, off beat and charming. Holds the interest throughout with strong cast & characters, and an unpredictable plot. Absolutely loved it

Andrew M (ru) wrote: A pretty decent low-budget vampire romp from Full Moon Pictures, with pretty good acting and effects; the locations really make it though, being filmed on location in the heart of vampire country certainly gives you credibility.

Clinton V (gb) wrote: A decent storyline with fairly good acting to go along. Van Cleef once again plays the intelligent, 'always one step ahead' good guy in this tale of finding out the truth and seeking revenge. Overall an entertaining film.

Allan C (us) wrote: It's always strange for me to see Errol Flynn as a cowboy, but it's still an entertaining western. Written by The Searchers author Alan Le May and WR Burnett.

Byron B (es) wrote: Again Curt Siodmak wrote this. Siodmak wrote a lot of the Universal monster movie sequels and wrote the original Wolf Man. All of these sequels to The Invisible Man cannot rightly be judged as comparable horror movies though. This one is an espionage tale with some war time propaganda and a romance in the mix.Jon Hall plays Frank Raymond (AKA Jack Griffin), the grandson of the original invisible man. He doesn't know how to produce the invisibility chemical himself he claims, but he inherited enough to use in the future. Again in this story, he knows the extreme danger in using the chemical and so he has no intention of ever using it. Especially when agents from the Axis powers come and try to strong arm him into working for them. Cedric Hardwicke makes his second appearance in an invisible man movie as another villain. This time he is a Nazi officer named Stauffer. This was released the same year as Casablanca and Peter Lorre (just because he's exotic) plays the Japanese Baron Ikito. Griffin, or excuse me, Raymond doesn't even want the Allied powers using the invisibility formula. That is until, duh duh DUH, Pearl Harbor is attacked. Raymond marches right to a meeting of the Allied powers and volunteers to be an invisible agent who will go to Germany to gather some intelligence. Once he parachutes in, he meets an old carpenter who is his contact in Germany. He meets Ilona Massey as Maria Sorenson who is a double agent and right away they charm each other and fall in love. Bromberg as another Nazi officer named Heiser is trying to smooth talk Maria as she tries to loosen his tongue. The invisible agent makes a fool out of Heiser before he reveals the details of Hitler's plan to attack America. So the plot is extended because he's made it more difficult for himself to find the information and Stauffer and Ikito are now suspicious of Maria and suspect an invisible man might be about. The movie portrays that the Germans and the Japanese don't really trust each other, so it gives Americans the comfortable feeling that they are bound to destroy each other. Heiser stays in the action and Maria is suspected to be a triple or quadruple agent. But the big thing is that the invisible man never encounters the threat of going mad this time. In fact, he's a bit of an insomniac. He's such a good all-American boy who is serving his country during it's hour of need that the megalomaniac tendencies of the drug just fade away.Again, visually, the effects that suggest the invisible man is in a room come off as slapstick. Wires are visible on some of the props again and there aren't really that many new effects introduced. Instead of bandages wrapped all around his head, this invisible man smears cold cream on his hands and face and wraps a towel around his head like a woman having a spa treatment. This preserves his handsome facial features and removes him further from the scary monster imagery. The movie is enjoyable at times and the propaganda is really not that bad.

Binku T (it) wrote: Watched the documentary after watching The Imitation Game and several videos about Alan Turing. Acting in drama was so so, but it did give a description about Turing's unfortunate lifestory.

Charles P (it) wrote: Firewalker consists of poor dialogue and an incoherent plot.

Bruno V (gb) wrote: No no no , never watch this kinda movies again ! Same story everytime

Elgan D (jp) wrote: An above average mystery with heartfelt performances and with a twist which was hard to spot but in hindsight the clues were numerous.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Michelle Pfeiffer is the glue that holds this flimsy comedy together. She is great in an otherwise mediocre comedy. There are a few chuckles to be had, but not as much as I would have liked. Matthew Modine is by far the worst actor in this movie. He nearly ruined it for me.

Tim O (jp) wrote: Boy, did this movie suck the hairy beanbag!

Brendan H (us) wrote: This is his most boring film of all, worst film he has done,not enough in it of anything.

Ameena M (au) wrote: Somewhat slow at the beginning, well worth watching though.