Autorickshaw driver Amal is content with the small, but vital, role he serves - driving customers around New Delhi as quickly and safely as possible. But his sense of duty is tested by an eccentric, aging billionaire, who, moved by Amal's humility, bequeaths him his entire estate before passing away. With only one month to discover and claim the inheritance, Amal's struggles with duty and wealth are threatened by all those around him - from a young injured beggar girl and a lovely store merchant, to the danger of the old man's upper-caste friends and siblings, all seeking to claim their share of the riches.

Autorickshaw driver Amal is content with the small, but vital, role he serves - driving customers around New Delhi as quickly and safely as possible. But his sense of duty is tested by an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke B (au) wrote: Before I start I must point out that I am clearly in the minority where this film is concerned. Everybody seems to be tearing it apart for the reasons why I love it. This found footage effort sees a plane crash and the survivors stalked by some unseen predator. The first 20 minutes are fantastic. It really does seem like real footage thanks to all of the characters. Nobody seems like a traditional character meant to take part in a film. The young girl with the camera is awfully polite, saying "Hi" to all aboard and taking a genuine interest in them. This makes her likable from the outset. The passengers and cabin crew are also well played out and know how to deliver dialogue. I'm pretty sure it was improv as it sounded very naturalistic. It builds tension well and captures the claustrophobia and terror many feel on a plane, and that's before it all goes wrong. After the plane crash the survivors band together and are soon picked off one by one. As a found footage movie it is excellent because it makes its premise work. Many will complain about the constant shouting, talking over each other, unable to hear what some are saying, and the painful screaming, but that all seemed real to me. The characters do get frustrated but they are also not one note caricatures. Even the annoying guy explains his panic when we discover he is recovering from a heart attack and doesn't have his meds. I loved the acting in this film and think it really brought it to life. The panic and confusion of the characters after the crash seemed very real. I did feel as though it went on for a bit too long and can easily see how people would tire of the film and the final shot was such a laugh out loud moment. Completely unnecessary.

Dude A (jp) wrote: what a B.S documentary. that's how you win votes, put fear into the public brainwash them. tell them you have the solution and their salvation.

Dillon K (ag) wrote: While Helvetica could be so much more, if it broadened its scope, it appeals well to its intended subculture, while providing insight to and awareness of the intricacies of graphic design and typography concepts.

Jake C (kr) wrote: Ohhh. It's TOO Mature! :(

Well A (fr) wrote: Em algum momento parece que vai ficar interessante, mas... no.

Andrew H (jp) wrote: Over the top cheesy dialogue, story, acting, everything. But damn it's a really cool movie.

Jason H (nl) wrote: Yep, it's a Bjork musical. And yep, I really liked it!

LipsLikeMorphine (kr) wrote: i rented this randomly one time and thought is was just the cutest thing. :D

Tommy H (au) wrote: The final Sinbad movie. The heroes in this one are pretty annoying and the story is boring, but the special effects are always top notch and really that's the only reason someone would search for this movie.

Marilee A (ca) wrote: I Loved this Picture, one of my very favorite Clark Gable Movies & Jeanette MacDonald was such a Bonus.This Film shows the Big San Fransisco Earthquake of 1906 & the effects it has on the People & how they banded together, & turns a Callous Rouge into a Humanitarian.A Truly Lovely Film

Andr D (us) wrote: La obra de teatro de David Mamet "Sexual Perversity In Chicago" acerca de la imposibilidad de conectar con la pareja, se diluye en un "chick-flick" ochentoso con unas momificadas actuaciones por parte de Rob Lowe y Demi Moore. "About Last Night..." alcanza a salvarse gracias a los secundarios Jim Belushi y Elizabeth Perkins.

Esmeralda N (de) wrote: I loved this movie!! Beautiful and really well acted.