Dr. Gautamdas (Rajinder Kumar) attains his qualifications in London, England, and with the blessings of Lord Bertrand Russell (himself), returns to his home country and his dad (Balraj Sahni). Much to the disappointment of his dad, Dr. Gautamdas decides to re-locate to Japan, which has been devastated by the explosion of atom bombs on two of it's cities - Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There he meets with other doctors, and is given a tour of the patients and their families, and other survivors (Om Prakash, Chand Usmani, Baby Kavita). {Graphic scenes of the atrocities inflicted on innocent people} On a chance meeting with the beautiful Meloda (Saira Banu) he knows that they are destined to be one, and so does she. Meloda's dad is also a doctor (Chetan Anand). Meloda had studied in India and speaks Hindi fluently. Both fall in love amongst the splendour of Japan.

Meloda (Saira Banu) who was educated in India, speaks Hindi; though she is Japanese. Dr. Gautamdas (Rajendra Kumar) is a UK trained doctor who volunteers to go to Japan to help deal with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Venetia D (nl) wrote: It was an inspiring performance by Farhan on Milkha Singh's biopic. A movie for everyone.

Adam M (es) wrote: This is the best movie ever! It's so bad, it's good!

Jed D (de) wrote: "B-Cheese, horror fans, will definately see the potential in this one." Crispin Glover, never ceases to amaze this movie-go-er.

Peter F (au) wrote: This Turkish dual character study is an ever sad piece, and it communicates it's theme of loneliness through minimal dialogue and an intricately slow pace. Of possibly greater note, however, the film has actually grown more accessible towards American audiences in recent years, due to it's backdrop of an economic recession.

Evan K (au) wrote: This is a good film, but it didn't captivate me entirely. I thought the acting, story, and humore were all very strong. What didn't work was the editing and cinematography, though experimental, both seemed distracting. I really enjoyed the ending, the whole film had be on the edge wondering how it would play out. Sadly, the cruetly of the lead characters actions left a bad taste in my mouth and commented to much on the origin of humor.

Ted T (fr) wrote: one of my all-time favorite movies!

Charlo P (fr) wrote: mdiocre western du matre Hill.

Victor M (gb) wrote: A great story that show us how the police and the law can be the worst nightmare for innocent people when they are driven by political issues and stereotypes about nationalities, races, religion, etc. Daniel Day Lewis' performance is remarkable.

Justin T (mx) wrote: Seems to follow the cannibal movie template. Dumb story with some violence, animals dying and some nudity for the icing on the cake.

Randall C (jp) wrote: A twistedly fun kleptomania/blackmail/hypnosis plot fizzles out in a lame-brained ending.

Logan M (ag) wrote: Extremely weak and disappointing compared to other stop-motion animated films.