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Andrew G (gb) wrote: It has the excessive gore and cheeky humor this franchise is known for, but there's also a kinetic energy at play during the action scenes, which makes the experience a whole lot more fun. Just don't go in expecting any innovation; you won't find it here.

Shaun D (kr) wrote: What a load of ****! There's not much else to say about it. It has a crap storyline, it's less than 5% as funny as the first one and it's just an hour and a half of gratuitous female nudity. It gets 1 star because there are 3 fit guys in it, and they do flash a bit of skin. It was watchable, but saying that I did spend most of the movie on Facebook and playing games on my iPhone so maybe not that watchable after all.

Janne F (it) wrote: En historie som er interessant i seg selv, men som dessverre ikke fr utnyttet sitt potensiale. En del scener blir for lse og mangler den dybde og brodd som kreves for holde en stram og spennende fremdrift.

F B (us) wrote: Really enjoyable and easyish to understand film.

Anna B (br) wrote: This film was brilliant cleverly done and quiet disturbing really. Max you sort of like him but you wouldn't want to meet him..... he tell the story through his eyes and is one of the most psychopathic killers since Hannibal lectur, Dexter and Sylar lol. He has a funny sense of humor and you do like him for it but when he kills its gruesome. Because its filmed, as if he has filmed it himself, thats what sets the scene it make it a creepy thriller.

Alex W (au) wrote: a very good doc about people who are intellectuality intelligent and emotionally retarded.

Donald W (au) wrote: The fourth Superman movie is not as good as the first two and only a little better than the third. It's got less drama and more comedy. They had a very low budget so the special effects are crude and they reused some of the flying scenes from the first movie. They also stole the basic plot too. This time Lex Luthor clones his own super villain to fight Superman. Mariel Hemingway plays the daughter of a media mogul who buys the Daily Planet and tries to turn it into a tabloid scandal newspaper. Her main purpose is to be a romantic rival to Lois Lane for Clark Kent's attention. The movie was made when President Reagan was negotiating arms reduction treaties with the USSR. The writers of the story decided to use the arms race to push the anti-nuke agenda and to use as the main story plot line. They made the same mistake the comic book writers made in the 1940's and 1950's. During World War II there was no real Superman to defeat the Nazis and the Communist. During World War II and the Cold War Superman in the comics battled aliens from outer space but never confronted real world bad guys. When they tried the public didn't buy it. It doesn't work here either. The other problem was Superman is so powerful it's hard to find a bad guy to oppose him. That's why in the comic books they used space aliens. In this movie Lex Luthor builds a villain for him to fight. That turns the movies into Superhero boxing matches. In the comic books Lex Luthor was able to match Superman because of his superior intellect. In this movie he only tries to use a substitute to battle Superman's strength. The old Superman TV shows from the 1950's had better stories because they concentrated on Clark Kent. On TV Clark Kent was a serious character who solved crimes and only came in as Superman to save the day at the end of the show. The movies made Clark Kent into a clown. The only good thing about this movie is that Christopher Reeve was the best actor to ever play Superman and this was his last Superman movie.

Jacob M (de) wrote: The occasional laugh isn't enough to save this sinker. One of the very few unsatisfactory Spielberg flicks.

Stuart K (de) wrote: Directed by Joe Massot, (Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same (1976) and Space Riders (1988)), adapted from a story by Grard Brach (Repulsion (1965), Cul-de-sac (1966) and Tess (1979)). This is a very trippy drama which does benefit from some very out-there set design by Dutch design collective The Fool, (who also appear in the film), and most famously, the Indian themed score by George Harrison. Oscar Collins (Jack MacGowran) is an odd, eccentric professor who keeps to himself, and just gets on with his scientific research with his assistant Perkins (Richard Wattis), he is usually pestered by his landlady Mrs. Peurofoy (Irene Handl) because he's a bit of a recluse. However, when a pop photographer (Iain Quarrier) and his girlfriend/model Penny Lane (Jane Birkin), move into the flat next door. Oscar discovers he can see her through a hole in the wall separating his flat from their flat. As he looks through the hole in the wall, he looks in on their photo shoots, and he becomes more drawn and obsessed by Penny and has surreal fantasies. In the hands of anyone else, they could have been a dark thriller, but it isn't here. It's a trippy film, and while it looks dated, some of the psychedelic sequences are well done and the George Harrison score is sublime. It never got a wide release, and the film, along with the soundtrack, was unavailable for years. Shame really

Guye J (ca) wrote: I enjoyed this 1994 movie! I just wish the fighting sense with Wesley Snipes was a little better like when he was in Demolition Man and Blade. It was good to see Malcolm Jamel Warner and Gary Busey! This movie reminds me of the movie "Point Break" starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swyaze but a little better.

Caitlin L (fr) wrote: Jim Carey is great in this movie. He has truly mastered this role.

Juan S (ca) wrote: Still one of my favorite Jackie Chan movies ever