Amar Deep

Amar Deep

Raja was adopted by a criminal don (Ashok Kumar) at a very young age. After the death of the don, Raja inherits the property, and refrains from crime. However, the wealth and the power associated with it, make him arrogant. He desires Radha, the daughter of his servant, Ramu, and Raja asks his permission to marry her, Ramu accepts, but Radha refuses as she loves Kishan. Raja finds out that Radha is meeting with Kishan on the sly, and complains to Ramu, who forbids her from meeting with Kishan. Then Raja finds out a secret from Kishan's past, meets with him, hires him, and even arranges a lavish marriage for Kishan with Radha, resulting in Kishan being indebted to Raja. Raja entrusts him with more important and responsible work, which must get Kishan to travel a lot. Kishan eventually finds out the real reason for Raja's kindness. Was it that Raja wants Kishan out of the way so he can be near Radha, or is there another reason?

Raja was adopted by a criminal don (Ashok Kumar) at a very young age. After the death of the don, Raja inherits the property, and refrains from crime. However, the wealth and the power ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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