A man wakes up in an alley, bleeding and with no memory of who he is. He stumbles into a coffee shop and is befriended by a charitable ex-nun who is failing in her attempts to write marketable pornography.

Isabelle is an ex-nun waiting for her special mission from God. In the meantime, she is making a living writing pornography. She meets Thomas, a sweet, confused amnesiac who cannot remember... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ricky P (jp) wrote: It's script may not always work but Jake Gyllenhaal's riveting performance along with the film's sleek look of Los Angeles makes Nightcrawler a hard film to look away from

Brent D (au) wrote: surprisingly decent. The makeup on the witch is kinda bad, but the script, acting, and effects are all pretty high caliber for a DTV movie.

Ty P (us) wrote: There was just something missing that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

April H (br) wrote: The greatest love story of all time. Well for me at least, it is right on target. I can't believe getting so much bad reviews. I fell in love sort of like this, first we were friends then it grew and one day we relized that it was much more.

Francisco L (us) wrote: Liar Liar is an organized and well acted movie that suffers from a predictable narrative and that seems to be better and more funny than it really is.

TTT C (us) wrote: (**): Thumbs Down I liked some of the stories told here but the acting and writing at times just hampered the viewing experience (I was rolling my eyes at the end. Why did the filmmakers use such a contrived plot device as a storm!).

Joe S (ca) wrote: Silly movie with lots of laugh out loud stupidity and wooden acting by Costner

John A (ag) wrote: A Very Good Attempt At A Fantasy/Horror By Disney. It Concerns A Small Town In The Early 1900's Where A Travelling Carnival Settle For The Autumn & Grants The Wishes Of The Townsfolk With Dark & Supernatural Consequences. For 2 Young Boys Who Stumble Across Mr. Dark's (Johnathan Pryce) Diabolical Scheme It Becomes A Matter Of Life & Death, As They Battle The Sinister Mr. Dark. This Is Adapted From It's Source Material By It's Author Ray Bradbury, & Is Tweaked Slightly To Make It Work For The Film. Once Again Disney Has Produced Another Film That To Look At You Wouldn't Think It Was A Disney Film As It's Dark & Well Executed And Has Scenes Of Horror. The Direction Of Jack Clayton & It's Acting Talents Of Jonathan Pryce & Jason Robards Also Make This An Entertaining Film.

Branden W (nl) wrote: Three various witty and entertaining tales of mystery: two supernatural cases and one classic "whodunit". The first story is the best of all three, taking place inside of an art museum, and then in the paintings themselves. A macabre ghost story involving antiques, antiquarians, and murderous taxidermists. The other two stories are unable to carry the weight of the first, however they are entertaining enough, considering their short length. An interesting Hitchcock-esque introduction with guest narration by Orson Welles. Three different stories, three different directors, harmoniously interwoven into one hundred minutes of suspense.

Andrew M (us) wrote: Jurassic Park III is the perfect end to a perfect trilogy. This movie was very good and amazing. Steven Spielberg does another fantastic job with the final trilogy. This movie also has a great plot. I would very much suggest this movie.

Scott J (ca) wrote: How can a movie with these actors and this story be this dreadfully boring?

Greg W (ru) wrote: #4 in this cop series and doesn't disappoint