Amazing Grace

The idealist William Wilberforce maneuvers his way through Parliament, endeavoring to end the British transatlantic slave trade.

Nevertheless, Wilberforce finds the inspiration in newfound love to rejuvenate the fight with new ideas that would lead to a great victory for social justice. With few allies such as his mentor, John Newton, a slave ship captain turned repentant priest who penned the great hymn, "Amazing Grace," Prime William Pitt, and Olaudah Equiano, the erudite former slave turned author, Wilberforce fruitlessly fights both public indifference and moneyed opposition determined to keep their exploitation safe. However, meeting the charming Barbara Spooner, Wilberforce finds a soulmate to share the story of his struggle. In 1797, William Wilberforce, the great crusader for the British abolition of slavery, is taking a vacation for his health even while he is sicker at heart for his frustrated cause

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Users reviews

Andrew P (us)

Some parts were good, but the ending just ended and left you wanting more. A cute coming to age movie about a gay guy's life

Benot R (ru)

Le script est certainement le point le plus faiblard du film mais d'autres qualits rendent la pilule plus qu'agrable passer. Pas de piti pour les salopards mais le pardon pour ceux qui auront tent d'empcher le massacre. C'est une histoire de vengeance o la morale n'a pas vraiment sa place. Sur le fond, a se prsente comme une sorte de western divertissement assez sympa. Les deux hommes forment un bon duo, assez complice. Je ne connaissais pas son partenaire qu'est John Phillip Law mais je l'ai assez apprci aussi. La classe, Lee Van Cleef la possde et demeure vraiment une gueule du genre. La musique d'Ennio Morricone est vraiment solide aussi avec un thme musical classe. Toutefois, travers une mise en scne mon sens russie (les scnes de duel sont tendues tout comme le dbut avec l'attaque contre la famille de Bill). Il possde mme des dfauts assez importants comme un manichisme un peu trop prononc mon got vis--vis des mchants (et ils sont nombreux ici). Death Rides A Horse n'est certainement pas le meilleur western spaghetti du genre

BRUNO V (de)

maybe it was the point , let's make a very stupid with very dumb caracters movie ???. . . . How stupid can a movie be

Chloe C (mx)

). . . Makes me wonder if there are more serial liars out there to be fearful of. Cute K-drama

Chris C (br)

I don't want to give anything away, but this was a pretty twisted movie

Dakotah G (us)

. . Getting ready for a Kubrick marathon

Denise A (es)

A really good movie! Lots of Lessons to be learned from this film!

Greg W (us)

good typical Allen drama

Hnis N (us)

Overall had plenty of action, hot girl, and good action hero. Action scene transitions are horrible, the man was invincible to point blank firing, and more car scenes than excepted. I was impressed. He can actually string together more than one line sentences and have the most audible action. I must admit out of the action stars of Dolph Lundgren, Arnold, Steven Sigal, and Van Damn, Dolph is the best actor hands down. First time that an action movie is more of a comedy critique than the countless action itself. Its such a train wreck that its a must see

Michal Z (ag)

Surpasses its predecessor and develops into a darker movie, despite some silly moments