Amazons and Gladiators

Amazons and Gladiators

During the Roman Empire, General Crassius ruled a small province with an Iron fist. Serena, a young girl in a village, watches Crassius kill her parents. Crassius and Serena's destiny would lead them to the Gladiator ring; the Amazons Warrior vs the Roman General.

A slave dancer is freed from her Roman masters by an Amazon warrior and is trained as an Amazon warrior and seeks vengeance on the ambitious corrupt Roman general who attacked her village and slain her family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Amazons and Gladiators torrent reviews

Jim H (jp) wrote: Harmless, ultimately forgettable movie that is still good for a few laughs.

Canem C (us) wrote: a good documentary...too hard to be a teacher where the children can't speak the language of the country they live in...

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Daniel P (it) wrote: Fantastic young cast with some great performances that help this original story come together.

Philip S (fr) wrote: Classic screwball comedy film. Features some familiar faces before they were "discovered". If you haven't seen it, you're probably not 30-40 years old.

Landon M (ru) wrote: A arguably stupid movie, even by Bill Murray standards.

Jason H (it) wrote: A fitting close to the original Godzilla series as it rises above the later entries in the series and benefits greatly from the last hurrah of Ishiro Honda. Godzilla is Godzilla, Mechagodzilla is a great villian, and Titanasaurus is a bit overlooked...but none are given much time! Not the best and FAR from the worst...worth a second look by all genre enthusiasts!

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Orlok W (au) wrote: Neato little oddball science fiction thriller--Unique monster, unknown classic!!