Ambush at Dark Canyon

Ambush at Dark Canyon

U.S. Marshall Duke Donovan is imprisoned, accused of being an accomplice in a bank robbery. After discovering that his partner is planning to kill his wife, he must escape prison in time to save his wife and clear his name.

Duke Donovan is an US Marshall who is imprisoned for a crime his didn't commit. But when he discovers there is a plan to kill his beloved wife, Duke has no other choice but break prison and come back to save his wife, and clear his name as well. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christel K (gb) wrote: Enjoyed this one, loved the ending :)

Josh A (gb) wrote: Wow this movie was cheesy. Well I guess thats how all Sci Fi original films are. But the dialogue, the acting, and the special effects were all crap. Plus it was so obviously a rip off of Armeggedon, Deep Impact, Independence Day, and Volcano. Poor Amy Jo Johnson, she never got a better role since Power Rangers.

Calvin R (es) wrote: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was excellent. Depth, complexity, great story, more darker, great visuals. This fourth installment to the Harry Potter franchise proves to be more crafty, vibrant, great performance by all the cast, and it was way more entertaining.

Etta W (it) wrote: this is 1 seriously F*****g funny movie

Gordon B (es) wrote: This is where the film cynic in me comes out. Technically there's nothing wrong with 'Hearts' but its a movie that's just so wholesome, so vanilla, so non-threatening that it never feels like anything is at stake

Jerry F (kr) wrote: I watched a little bit of this on TV. It had it's moments but I didn't make it until the end.

Jackie D (br) wrote: Alec and I about to watch!!!! A new generation to enjoy Sci Fi.

Tim M (es) wrote: I suppose it's fitting for a swansong. Directed and starring the guy that had been Zatoichi for 25 years, it's somber and slow. Quite boring actually. The few fight scenes aren't directed well. Nose and arm severing are a nice touch though. The costumes, sets acting and choreography are great, the sound effects and horrid '80s English-language song... not so much. The climax is worth watching, but overall it's pretty disappointing. It's Katsu's dramatic farewell to the person he played for more than a quarter century.

William B (fr) wrote: Story line was pretty cool and realistic but the actual film making of it.... the action parts where just reruns one after the other....

Richard P (it) wrote: Hilarious. At one point the cyclops is transparent. So bad it is good.

Jo Y (nl) wrote: I liked Farley Granger..handsome

Fabrcio M (ru) wrote: hitchcock had a small boat and an immense ocean, but all that he could use in his favour were his nine characters and he knew how to use it with excellence! a masterpiece built over speeches based on world war II and survival tests, this time hitchcock doesn't take advantage of suspense nor the mystery, but clearly the humans in all their essence and aspects, such as character, humour, resistance, feelings, attachment to past and fidelity.

Michael D (nl) wrote: "if you can get pass the contrivances"? GET PASS? Sorry, RT, you've let me down. And I'm sorry this isn't a review of the actual film.

David L (mx) wrote: This film feels very cheap, very predictable, and very much like a spin off from the Scream / I Know What You Did Last Summer era, but it's basically got all the characteristics of a good teen slasher - Broad range of characters, multiple suspects, plenty of over the top deaths, and a bit of cheap humour thrown in for good measure. Rather than the usual knife or hook killings though, it adds its own degree of originality by spicing the murder scenes up through the use of Urban Legends, some of which are quite inventive. Only problem is that despite beginning well, the tales begin to peter out the more we delve into the story, with what started off as credible drawn out deaths, soon being turned into quick stab and go killings. There are some familiar faces, many of whom are not new to this genre of movie, so they are all fairly accomplished at mastering the art of the 'oh god I'm gonna die soon' scream, but don't assume that all the famous ones live as this version mixes the rules up a bit. If I had to be critical of it, It would just be to reiterate that some of the Urban Legends are far too lame, and as mentioned earlier, it's almost like they forget to continue the trend that could have made this movie a tad innovative. We even get to the point where dead bodies turn up without even seeing them killed - that's a huge faux pas in a horror fans eyes! Continuity issues aside though, I've watched this flick a good few times to know that it has become quite a personal favourite. I'd definitely recommend this movie, as it's like the 90's cult classic that was seemingly overlooked, an appetiser for the more famous horrors, or just a poor mans alternative. No matter how you view it, it is still credible in its own right and had it been released in any other era, would have no doubt come to the forefront a little more than it has done here.

Cynthia B (au) wrote: Fonda and Marvin are great, but the sporting cast rocks, too - Michael Callen, Tom Nardini, Dwayne Hickman - Hallelujah brother!