Amei um Bicheiro

Amei um Bicheiro

Intent on offering his fiancée a better life, countryman heads for Rio de Janeiro in search of a place in the sun...

Intent on offering his fiancée a better life, countryman heads for Rio de Janeiro in search of a place in the sun. With no contacts in the big city, he gets involved with the crime ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niklas S (it) wrote: I love the exploitation era. Not that I've seen many of the movie but I will now. I'm just facinated by Corman and his view towards moviemaking. Read his book and it was great. Good documentary though,

Mohammed A (ru) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Joshua L (de) wrote: it was awesome no better yet it was magical

Nikolaos S (ag) wrote: It starts better then becomes sentimetal:) I think it kind of stole from Brides of Voulgaris although I have not seen tha movie:)Gainsbourg doesn't quite convince (but looks ok)

Adam S (mx) wrote: Gotta love the bad movie with its stealth tornadoes that seem to keep sneaking up on certain people.

Marta R (gb) wrote: This film had me going " Oh, look what's happening now". I found it very intriguing, yet scary at the same time (had no idea that this could be an effect of anesthesia).

Simon L (ca) wrote: If it was not for Chevy Chase I would not of given this film a second look but with Sam Neil on board I was hoping for a winner(not all bad), its no Fletch-but it is slightly marketed wrong at the fact you think your getting a comedy-yes it is at times but it is more dramatic throughout with a rather serious Chevy Chase-not all bad with some plot holes, and some excellent special effect for its time

Robert B (fr) wrote: Days of Being Wild delivers as expected: a highly aesthetic and enjoyable film. You can feel the humidity of melancholy summer nights and sense the fatalistic but untragic vibe the characters give off. This is quintessential HK cinema and easy to recommend.

Kevin R (us) wrote: Never holster an empty gun An old country boy who grew-up when times were hard in the Wild West has served his time for killing a man, and after 18 hard years in jail, wishes to settle down and live a respectable life. A female artist points the man in the right direction, but some how, he keeps getting pulled in to gun shows to earn a living. While the living is respectable, and a source of income, the lifestyle reminds him of what he used to be rather than what he wishes to become. Will the country boy reach his dreams or will his old lifestyle continue to haunt him? ?Did he get him?? ?Does an outhouse stink?? Robert Sparr, director of Once You Kiss a Stranger, A Swingin? Summer, and numerous episodes in various television series, delivers More Dead than Alive. The storyline for this picture is compelling and well delivered. The subplots and supporting characters were well portrayed. The acting was solid and the cast included Clint Walker (Dirty Dozen), Vincent Price, Anne Francis (Forbidden Planet), and Paul Hampton (Senior Prom). ?Hurry it up, fat boy. I?m going to have a steak in hell for dinner.? I was searching for movies to DVR over the weekend and was in the mood to catch some Vincent Price pictures (I occasionally get those cravings). Nevertheless, I came across this western and could not remember ever seeing a Vincent Price in a western. I was pleasantly surprised at how well he fit into this setting. While Clint Walker stole the show, the entire cast delivered splendid performances. The conclusion was marvelous and well delivered. I strongly recommend seeing this picture if you are a fan of westerns. ?It?s the biggest little show in the territory.? Grade: B

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Graham M (es) wrote: I don't think there is another movie that so exemplifies the cyber-"thriller" trend of the mid-nineties as this one. It's so so dumb, yet in its idiocy, it's never dull.