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Juri K (us) wrote: "Ranskan Fight Club" MIst nit typeri rinnastuksia oikein tulee? Unenomainen roadmovie.

Paper L (de) wrote: A good film to cure sleeplessness.

Andy G (ru) wrote: Terrible movie. The acting was horrible, and the dubbing made it worse. The plot was barely tolerable, but the love interest stuff was ridiculous (not that it was mushy but that it was too fast). And ending was pretty horrible, too. The only saving grace was the ability to MST3K it to death.

Alex K (it) wrote: Me And My Brother Jesse Krajci Were 12 Years Old In 2006.

Blerim N (mx) wrote: A penetrating look into the lives of two Palestinian best friends chosen for a suicide bombing and how they deal with it. Gem of a movie.

oniverse m (jp) wrote: this along with mortal kombat and prince of persia is considered to be one of the best video game movies so far and it's hard not to agree

Melanie G (de) wrote: This movie disgusts me. Steven James is a fraud and a hypocrite. He wants to keep this psychopathic child rapist out of prison yet he wont have him stay in his own house because he has children there. I guess as long as the child rapist isn't in this try-hard wannabee dogooder's own back yard, it is fine for him to ASSIST him in assaulting the children of others. I hope when Stinky Stevie goes to prison his fellow inmates have already seen it so nature can finally take its course.

HungYa L (fr) wrote: My first Colin Hanks movie and it is in fact better than I had expected! Kevin Kline's cameo is the peak of this movie!!

Gene A (jp) wrote: decent but nowhere near as good as the previous 4

Scott G (fr) wrote: Could be a sleeper as one of the most important movies of all time. Comedy is an amazing communication device, and The Kids in the Hall once again play multiple roles in analyizing the meaning of life as they see it. Whether it be the fountain of youth or the last aquisition before finally being sated in life, The Kids awaken to their own realization of what makes a pusuit of happiness.

Chris B (kr) wrote: A touching and ultimately a more personal story of WWII and the devastating effects. You have to respect the monks who risked and even some sacrificed their lives to protect the children who couldn't protect themselves. A true story of childhood friendship and the tragedy of war. Highly Recommended!

Roy S (gb) wrote: I liked it very much when I was younger, but less so now. It has its problems, but also its moments. Big epic all-star WWII movies were largely gone by 1978, and this was a somewhat weak attempt at one. Shaw goes a long way towards redeeming it, and the genre is so darn likable it is easy to overlook the plot's weaknesses and enjoy the ride. The ending in particular is remembered by me quite vividly and fondly, and I often think of the dam as a sort of metaphor for various events I see around me.

Michael S (de) wrote: An exceptionally well constructed slow burning mystery. It managed to get under my skin quite a bit which is pretty rare for any horror film. Parts of it tend to meander which made me knock a star off it's score, but otherwise a well told mystery.

Paul D (us) wrote: Subdued western with a grittiness from the barren and lonely desert that is depicted. it does little to enhance the genre in the post Wild Bunch era.

Ethan P (mx) wrote: It is a unique entry in the comic book drama and Ron Pearlman gives Hellboy pizazz, but the movie is mostly silly and overdone.

Brittany P (nl) wrote: Have and will watch it back to back to back.

Janika Maria B (ag) wrote: GREAT-everything was good