America 3000

America 3000

900 years after a nuclear war in the USA, mankind is back to the stone ages. Amazon women rule the tribes, while the men are weak and dumb - either kept as slaves or living wild as animals. Only Korvis and a friend are intelligent enough to flee and found a tribe of their own. Will they manage to teach the women love to men again?

In Colorado, 900 years after a nuclear war in the USA, the mankind is back to the stone ages. Amazons are ruling the tribes, the men are dumb, either kept as slaves and couplers or are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura M (de) wrote: Maybe more like a 4.25. Anyway, this movie lived up to its hype and then some. Never though I'd live to see the day I'd want to see the major plot spoiler and yet it arrived. This movie was really well done.

Aditya M (br) wrote: One of the most visionary and important films to come out of India in years - 'Ship of Theseus' is a treat for the eyes and mind. Through three stories featuring a blind photographer, a monk and a stock trader, director Anand Gandhi presides over an existential debate that is almost mathematical in its beauty. The first two stories are perfectly written, and manage to touch the mystical notes that some of the greatest arthouse films have in the past. The third arc is a little too earthy for this film, and while I understand that Gandhi was probably trying to ground his movie and keep accusations of pretentiousness at bay, it slightly dampens the intellectual momentum of the movie and lands it a few inches short of perfection.

Pam T (kr) wrote: I enjoyed this movie and the optimistic ending. I think Rainey did a great job in her film debut.

Se7enth A (kr) wrote: I got this movie by mistake, I thought I had purchased the Coco Avant Chanel 2009 copy played by Audrey Tautou. Coco Chanel, one of the most influential fashion icons of the 20th century. Born as Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. I enjoyed this wonderful biopic but I do find that Shirley MacLaine was seriously miscast as the older Chanel. The grand old dame should have performed the role of the mature Coco with a French accent. It was just wrong to hear her American twang in some scenes! Glaringly, this really is Barbora Bobulova's film. She is winsome and stubborn, passionate yet vulnerable and of course so very gifted. She portrays a lovely, younger version of Gabrielle 'Coco" Chanel.

Meghan M (us) wrote: The movie was in French, subtitled in English. I watch subtitled movies all the time, but this one was unusually fast - I had to rewind several times because I was not given enough time to read the sentence. This has never happened before. The show was confusing and slow. I rarely get lost in movies, but I was bored with this one mostly because they weren't giving me enough information to clarify plot. The fight scenes were spectacular, however - close hand to had combat with skillful blocking and attack. The cinematography was also good, using a grey theme to portray the darkness of the atmosphere and the characters, breaking into a bit of colour at the end when both changed.

BJ H (es) wrote: Great books and great a movie

Tam N (fr) wrote: Terribly we are so ignorant of the food we eat everyday, and definitely ignorance is bliss. It is so easy to be indifferent of what affected us, but unifortunately we cannot avoid the consequences of our ignorance. The second lesson I learned about this movie is social force leads to conformity of both consumers and producers. I watched it in my Sociology class, and it makes me more aware of what is smoothly happening in the food I eat everyday without knowing where it comes from. Please fight for the freedom of animals, because every truly human cannot stand the inhumane images of what human have treated animals. And that is facism!

Gwen H (us) wrote: I saw it years ago and watched it again tonight. It was funny back then and it still holds up.