America Is Hard to See

America Is Hard to See

The tumultuous year of 1968 and the candidacy of Eugene McCarthy for the U.S. Presidency, culminating in the Democratic convention in Chicago.

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James B (gb) wrote: I liked Gene Hackman and Ray Romono in this. Funny film about politics.

Francis Rhoan L (br) wrote: ten years after his death came a soulful musical documentary titled of his name -time will tell-. bob marley, a widely recognized all over the world with his music, his lyrics are mostly inspired with the events that surrounds him especially on his jamaican soil. there was a bit of a difficulty with this documentary, his strong jamaican accent was a slight hard-for-grabs to me, other than that, i'd give this a passing grade.

Sharnette B (jp) wrote: how can i watch this movie can someone tell me i want to watch it online

Roy C (es) wrote: Shame John Morris' score wasn't more prominent.

Craig C (fr) wrote: Ivan Tors's "Gog" made me the first "robot gone mad" film in science fiction, but the script's over reach gets muddled in a sea of plot holes and goofs. A curious artifact of its era.

Nathaniel L (us) wrote: I wouldn't say this is Lloyd's best (I think Safety Last and the Freshman are better), but it is still a successful comedic venture. The scenes of 1920's New York City (and Coney Island particularly) are wonderfully fascinating.

Richard D (es) wrote: I like the idea of this film. Part parody of James Bond films, part parody of parodies of Bond films, and part parodies of swinging 60s cinema in general. While I don't exactly like Mike Myers (he has a way of delivering jokes with a "HERE'S A JOKE" attitude that I find off-putting and destroys any joke that's even slightly weak), this is one of his better efforts and one of a handful of films he's in where I appreciate him more than not. Besides, both Seth Green and Robert Wagoner get some really fine comic moments themselves, and Charles Napier is in the film, so you have to admire it.

Daniel L (es) wrote: While at times awkward, I give it a year is mostly really funny.

Deb B (jp) wrote: Poor directing, waste of an evening.