America's Dream

America's Dream

Made especially for the HBO cable network, this well-wrought feature is comprised of three short stories by three noted black American authors, each of which is directed by a respected black director.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

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America's Dream torrent reviews

Zac M (ca) wrote: Suspenseful, atmospheric, surprising

TheJimbobs123 (jp) wrote: A very intelligent film. Word of warning though- be patient, as very slow to get started. Worth waiting though as builds into a good, original film.

Mathew N (es) wrote: Great cinematography and visual effects. The story goes deep into a subconscious fantasy where the film takes you to another world. But lacks depth.

Pankaj P (es) wrote: Although Pankaj Kapur has a minor role but nevertheless leaves an everlasting impression. Could have been a little better but a nice shot at it.

Lu C (it) wrote: I felt asleep and really hated the plot and image of the movie. I wouldn't recommend it, but my friends seemed to liked it. To my view it's like a booring tv movie.

Adam P (mx) wrote: Unbearable. The script, the pacing, the camerawork, the acting, all terrible. It was a really good premise (for the most part, the ending was beyond stupid) but it was completely wasted. Thank God the girl was easy on the eyes.

Alex S (au) wrote: Richard Linklater's Waking Life is both inventive and provocative that instead of forcing a theory presents them and leaves the viewer to think and argue about the various philosophies that arise

Blair K (mx) wrote: i just seen this movie a couple of times but it is very good. kevin bacon is never campy in his role of a retarded young man and i am sure that is a delicate line to play and also a great bond/believable friendship between him and a very young evan rachel wood. the movie is quite good and nice story ;)

Troy K (nl) wrote: I remember this as being a funny movie, but we went to watch it and it was terrible...turned it off after 10 minutes???

Donald B (jp) wrote: Truly wonderful movie!

Jennifer D (de) wrote: Such a sad-y! My biggest problem with this film was the time passage in records. Cutting back to Irene Dunne and all she did was change records, circle into "a few years" later deal and it got old. There are better ways to tell passage of time. That aside, Cary Grant's cracking voice in the courtroom teared me up. The man is such an acting god.

Michael S (us) wrote: Watch this movie. It's incredible and heartbreaking. It reminds me so much of my grandparents on both sides. It's just masterful. I can't recommend this one enough!!

(ca) wrote: Intensive with its compelling otherwise thought-proving plot, I Origins simply made me thinking about deja vus and those kind of things.

Alex K (nl) wrote: I'm Going To Become A Filmmaker When I Grow Up.