American Animal

American Animal

A terminally-ill man descends into madness when he learns his best friend and roommate is leaving for a new job in the morning.

A terminally-ill man descends into madness when he learns his best friend and roommate is leaving for a new job in the morning. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenneth N (ag) wrote: Decent effort in trying to bring this famous piece of fiction from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms to life. Brilliant dialogues, an addictive soundtrack together with a cohesive flow of the movie keeps the movie going strong right til the end.It's just that the action is rather one-sided aka the "ngo yiu tar sap kor" style and tends to get repetitive after a while.

Sumit B (br) wrote: It was a sweet cute movie but it's too much exaggerated. The way movie proceeds is like all other traditional bollywood movies with predictable scenes and usual comic scenes. Yet being promoted as a youthful movie it was like an old flick. Not a bad movie but definitely not what i had expected.

Paul G (br) wrote: Excellent film,.It kind of reminded me of CALL OF THE WILD,.Musta been the terrain or the great amount of people he meets on his journey,,..Well acted,.Good characters,.Good direction,.The lead was excellent,.I just recommend it if you have any interest in the period and strife it took to do the things this guy did,.Much better than a similar movie called "The Way Back" with Jim Sturgess and Colin Farell,.I guess it helped that this was in German and Russian,.I like subtitles and listening to the REAL language that was spoken, makes it feel much more authentic than fake accents do.

bridgette f (es) wrote: what a performance by farrah fawcett.she will be missed.god bless!

Abel D (de) wrote: The closest to an Eastwood family film, 'Bronco' may occasionally indulge in too much sugar, but there's something charming about its proclamation of American nostalgia and ideals amidst the more cynical 80s. Add to that one of Clint's most charming and likeable onscreen performances, and a strong repertoire among his cast, and you have something that is incredibly inviting.

Jack Y (de) wrote: A good bio-pic on Gen MacArthur even if Peck still comes off as Peck. His comments about Ike were humorous, referring to the man as his best clerkthe movie shows the perspective that Mac had, given his contact with those in power, such as the temporary occupants of the White House.

Tom K (kr) wrote: One of Hitchcock's best. A thriller that still thrills after 74 years. Leading man Joel McCrea is an actor I plan on becoming more familiar with after seeing this. The supporting cast is one of the best in cinema and includes strong performances from Laraine Day, Albert Basserman, Robert Benchley, and future Kris Kringle Edmund Gwenn; however, George Sanders and Herbert Marshall are the stand-outs, with Sanders stretching himself beyond his usual smarminess and Marshall giving one of the most complex performances I've ever seen.Hitchcock shows why he's earned his reputation as one of the greatest directors of all time. There are certain shots and special effects in this film that still impress all these decades later. To go into detail would be to give too much away. I went into this film knowing next to nothing about it, and I hope others get to have a similar experience.For the record, this knocks "Lifeboat" out of my Top 5 Hitchcock films, a short-list that includes "Psycho," "Rear Window," "Rebecca," and "Strangers on a Train."

jay n (ca) wrote: Utterly ordinary comedy drama whose sole distinction is the pairing of Gable and Lombard in their only appearance together. They do well but Carole was still a few years from her breakthrough as a major star in Twentieth Century and here is just a leading lady with too blonde hair and awful makeup hiding her natural radiance. Worth one watch for the pairing but you'll forget it almost as soon as it's over.

Private U (mx) wrote: Marlene Dietrich in a tux. exotic locales, and a young Gary Cooper. need I say more?

David W (us) wrote: Tight animation despite being one of Disney's weaker films

Chad R (de) wrote: This movie is pretty stupid. I guess it's expected if its from Sam Raimi. This movie would have been fine if they cleaned up the special effects and got a better lead. The special effect qualities was at the same level of late 1990s early 2000s at best, very poor. The girl as the lead actress is also not great. She messed up a few scenes for me. This movie was not scary at all and it was an equal mixture of silly/gimmicky. The movie just wasn't for me. I would give it a 3/10 at best.

Samantha S (es) wrote: Significantly better than I thought it was going to be...which doesn't say much but it was watchable and not entirely predictable.

Tyler B (es) wrote: One of the all time great legal films. Hanks and Washington are awesome and give Oscar caliber performances, and Jason Robards made for a great villain.Not only a good legal film but a hall mark and turning point for Gay and AIDS rights. Truly a powerful and moving film that if released in another year could have easily been best picture.

Joshua F (es) wrote: Fairly boring. I was hoping for more insight on Hank Williams or more excitement.