American Beer

In June of 2002, five friends left New York City by minivan and set out across the United States to visit 38 breweries in 40 days.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length: 105 minutes
  • Release: 2004
  • Language: English
  • IMDB link: American Beer
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In June of 2002, five friends left New York City by minivan and set out across the United States to visit 38 breweries in 40 days

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Users reviews

Dingleberry P (it)

The rest feels like filler. The first 5 minutes and the twist at the end are good

Fatemeh A (ca)

don't know, I gave up counting!!. . . or square. . . Though I really liked it, it's a weird love triangle

Gerardo V (nl)

Paprika Steen may not be a household name in the US, I hope that after this performance we see more of her in American films. If you want to see on the best performances by an actress this year, you must see Applause

Gustavo T (es)

Of course Truffaut is to blame for it. Of course it belongs to a long gone era. Of course it is French. Very ambitious and daring essay on friendship, love and adulthood, especially for its time

Ilsa L (de)

Hauntingly beautiful

Jon R (ru)

A must watch. Brilliant and deeply touching documentary about homeless people in a part of the the New York underground subway system

Natasha T (br)

Something everyone should see. Shows you the really impact of drugs on a family. A amazing doco seen through the eyes of a drug addict

Nik M (br)

The only considerable benefactor here is Whitaker's performance of a character who is emotionally unstable and lacks a clear motivation. Then, its emotions are melodramatic, jumping from one cliche to the next, treating its characters as two-dimensional with no self-value independent of the plot demands. Instead, history is treated as a backdrop of a slideshow. It treats its subject matter - black history in political, racial, social, and cultural considerations - as an elementary outline on the basics, sporting no points, no solutions, and not even insight. Its cast has a variety of big names that stand out more than their characters (except Whitaker's). The Butler is a fine example of a film that boasts its cast, subject matter, and sentimentality

Thonain S (mx)

la bonne humeur l'am (C)ricaine

Zee T (nl)

Singaporean Moulin Rouge = fantastic