American Brawler

American Brawler

A martial arts instructor must enter the world of illegal pit fighting in order to save his family and his dojo.

A martial arts instructor must enter the world of illegal pit fighting in order to save his family and his dojo. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan A (br) wrote: One of the lamest "horror" movies ever made. Dull and flat in every regard, this nearly shot-for-shot remake of the original, Let the Right One In, is a joyless and upsetting affair that leaves you in need of a shower by the film's finale. While "joyless and upsetting" is normally a good thing when it comes to horror movies, the fact that this film is largely a love story between a little boy and girl should immediately signal a red alert in your brain. The acting is lifeless, the characters are pathetic, the movie is a steaming piss pile, and it should be avoided at all costs (so go watch the original instead).

Andres G (nl) wrote: Jeunet is faithful to his style. Nice and kind story, not close to Amelie but entertaining nevertheless.The cast, in any case, is superb.

Martin P (es) wrote: Slow starting but ultimately a well acted frustrating story of modern life's protocol & procedures that engross our daily life. I can only hope in this Trump era country co-operation is better, but sadly expect it is the other way.

John B (ca) wrote: A charming set of gals from two much different backgrounds become friends and collide their lives with a number of trying life situations. Very watchable.

Zoe C (de) wrote: one of my all time favorites. it was a bit melodramatic, but excellent film.

Christine A (ca) wrote: This movie was surprisingly fun. And its great to see the lovely Claudia Christian in a non Babylon 5 role.

Jens L (us) wrote: Ok...the movie had some reputation as it was banned in Germany like so many horror or actions movies in the I was really looking forward to find out what was it about, what shocked the small hearted German authorities so badly...sadly I have to say it seems to have been banned more because because of terrible acting and nonsense story telling than of brutality...which is based on today's standards more or less less gruesome than expected...big disappointment and one of argent ons worst in my opinion

JeanPhilippe G (au) wrote: Awfully filmed, choppily put together and over the top in the worst possible way, Crank 2 is a horrible sequel that is hard to sit through.

Daniel V (br) wrote: I gave this movie a C+