American Buffalo

American Buffalo

Three inner-city losers plan a robbery of a valuable coin in a seedy second-hand junk shop.

Long-repressed feelings of bitterness and betrayal explode when three inner-city losers plot the robbery of a valuable coin in a seedy second-hand junk shop. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caesar M (au) wrote: The film industry is no stranger when it comes to ripping off major blockbusters. Jaws being the prime example as even to this day many B-movies are still ripping off it plot structure. Atlantic Rim on the other hand is a rip-off in the sense that it ripped off the first trailer for major blockbuster Pacific Rim. Thus creating a film that is empty in entertainment and feels like it was made up on the spot. Atlantic Rim is about a special team piloting giant robots to combat monsters coming from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The plot of Atlantic Rim is lifeless. The plot eliminates all issues it present without any reward. Whenever a problem is presented a line of dialogue will eliminate any weight the issue had. Like one of the pilot losing power in her robot is not exciting since according to the scientist "They were never in any real danger" or a pilot best friend dating a girl they both knew for a long time as it's "Water under the bridge" after the announcement. With no conflict or obstacle to overcome there is no sense of accomplishment or progression where our heroes begin to where they end up. The dialogue is unintentionally hilarious. One example being a generic eye-patched villain talking to his commanding officer on the possible apocalypse of a monster takeover to reveal they are only two eggs in the ocean. Despite it short running time of an hour and twenty six minutes it has filler. The filler material is only here to make somewhat use of one pilot who has little purpose in the film and what he does contribute (like saving a stranger little girl just because he asked) has no correlation to the main plot nor development. In terms of any real logic this film has none. Now why would I complain about logic in a film that has giant robots battling monsters? Well for starter in the film climax the heroes forget that a submarine has launched a second nuclear missile to New York and happily ends with our heroes not disarming it. Did anyone even bother to read the script! Not only that, but the robot suits don't have any kind of interesting origin for their creation. It was just another vehicle created by the government without us obtaining the knowledge of how they work. Heck, even the pedestrians that see the giant robots prefer to record a video instead of running in fear. The pedestrians won't even run when a giant monster is heading their way either. The government and their employee are idiots. The "scientists" of the film created a hand-band like device that would connect to your central nervous system to the robot suit to control with body motion yet the heroes are surprised when their robot get hit they feel the pain too. Made even more laughable by the fact the "scientists"explained this earlier yet are still shock when it occurred. Not only that, but apparently the only training you need to do to pilot a robot is learn to do a basic punch forward and elbow thrusts. The acting is all around bad. The cast don't even bother putting effort into their roles. With a couple of exception in certain scenes for unintended comedy. Especially from Graham Greene who face remains unmoved by just about anything even when he shot in the arm. The CG is unconvincing. The plastic look of the robot is not much of a problem when it's clearly a quick and cheap rip off, but what can't be tolerated is lazy animation. The animation is copy and pasted from earlier scenes or an earlier performed action several times. The robot all look the same with a different color palette. As for the monsters of the film it's the same designed reused three time. The direction is depress to the extreme. Going as far as adding slow motion for a guy hitting a door with a hammer for dramatic effect. Also you'll never get a clear sense of the environment as you'll be confused exactly where you're going. Atlantic Rim is a cheap mockbuster and nothing more. It aspires to do very little and what it does is forgettable. It does have a few meagre amusement from some idiotic plot moments, but those are not enough to make it worth a viewing.

Brad S (mx) wrote: I just didn't like this one at all. I didn't like the story, characters or direction. I like the cast, and like Cronenberg and was excited to see him satirize Hollywood, but it just didn't work for me. I loved Cronenberg's "A History of Violence" and "Eastern Promises" but hated "Cosmopolis" and this. I really hope he dumps Robert Pattinson and goes back to Viggo Mortensen and making good movies. Skip it.

Melanie M (ca) wrote: "Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day" is based on a woman who s juggling three boyfriends and trying to find out what she truly wants in life. I loved this movie from the period theme, the comedy bits, to the amazing actors.

Lisa B (mx) wrote: could not get into it, found it really boring. Have up after half an hour

Karolina B (ca) wrote: Kekses Grytutes ir savyje nesusipratusio patiklaus naivuolio Jonuko meiles istorija pasiklydus miskuose ir radus "prieglobsti" pas pikta dede su barzda. Didelis abdurdiskas tragikomiskas misinys. Originalu, ka cia ir bepridursi.

Aswin W (ca) wrote: Not a good movie to me! This was one of the lowest film that Kristen Davis had been in as the story was'nt that interesting. Other than that acting was just terrible oh also to mention weak dialouge. Up an atomm!

Johnny B (it) wrote: Another kickass installment. This series is on a roll, and doesn't show signs of going bad.

M M (mx) wrote: Disturbingly excellent film. Kieslowski had an incredible way of interpreting the act of killing.

Blake L (nl) wrote: Loni Anderson sure is pretty. Not much else worth mentioning about this movie.

carl p (nl) wrote: Project A sums up everything you could ever need from early 80s Hong Kong cinema. All of the fight scenes are well choreographed and long enough to keep the pace of the film running smoothly, the bike scene in particular is a work of genius which doesn't seem to end. Oh, and did I mention it's funny? Well it is. The bar brawl scene near the beginning shows some moments of great comedy, particularly the moments between Chan and Biao Yuen. But of course the true star of the film has to be Sammo Hung who steals the show with his perfect comic timing and his still surprising athleticism for a man of his build.The story is pretty standard. Chan plays a sergeant in the coastguard who is part of a team preparing to bring down a pirate crime lord. Yuen is a police detective and Hung is a thief who is also friends with Chan. So when the 'bad guy' Mr Chow tries to hire Fey (Hung) to steal 100 rifles for the pirates he goes to Chan for help. There is plenty of double crosses throughout the film to keep anyone guessing just what is going on, but it is all lighthearted and for comical purposes. The films climax (when they implement Project A itself) is also pretty impressive with a great final fight, followed up by a truly funny end snippet on a boat.Simply put, Project A is a very funny action film which I would certainly recommend. Now cue outtakes and the obligatory 'ouch!'

Griffin B (nl) wrote: They made this movie already. It was called Manhunter. It was much better.