American Burger

American Burger

A bus load of American students, all jocks, cheerleaders and nerds, are on a culture trip in Europe when they stumble upon a mysterious Hamburger stand in the deep European woods, selling 100% American Burgers. A visit to the Burger Factory behind the stand, renders them trapped in this unknown territory, and they are about to realize that European notion of American Hamburgers is terrifyingly different from what they're used to... The road trip descends into a battle for survival as Americans are treated as cows. Who's going to end up in the slaughterhouse? Will the nerds ever get to score with the cheerleaders? Cliques are formed... Strategies are made... And in the midst of it all they learn a thing or two about friendship, survival, consumerism, horny teenage urges and, perhaps most importantly, to never visit a fast-food restaurant ever again. And the nerds somehow end up having the... Best. Summer. Ever.

A bus load of American students, all jocks, cheerleaders and nerds, are on a culture trip in Europe when they stumble upon a mysterious Hamburger stand in the deep European woods, selling ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris J (jp) wrote: Seriously? Unless you are under 8 years old and have no idea how good stories are developed, character development , or just all around originality do not watch this movie. Yes, it has big actors and modern technology so there are some funny parts and cool CG but unless you also watch Barney on Saturday mornings .... PASS

Tim F (us) wrote: stoped watching after the first 9min, it was so bad! Not funny, or a thriller. if anything, its sociopathic

Max O (ca) wrote: One half of Michael Cera's character shows just how perfectly he plays the geeky, awkward teen character which he has become known for, the other half shows that he does in fact have much more in his locker than just that character.

Mary R (ru) wrote: Cute lil flick. What a brat.

Angel M (ag) wrote: Martha force me to see this movie...

Aaron G (us) wrote: Writer/Director Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver) wraps up his "urban alienation" trilogy with his marvelous account of John Le Tour, a reformed drug addict turned high-class dealer who wants to get out but can't. A poignant yet horrific observation of a man torn between dutiful obligations and the remnants of his own soul, Schrader's film is underpinned by fate, brief Catholicism, and sheer guilt. A truly special film that earmarks the primary instincts within men, and the shadowy romance that a dominant woman brings. Astounding - yet at times sympathetic - score composed by Michael Been only heightens the loneliness of Schrader's well-being. Dafoe has never been so restrained and so subdued. He's truly a revelation in Sleeper because his silences say more than any dialogue could bring. As too is Sarandon, who, right after Thelma & Louise, tuned into this complete cavity of a human being. A tragic tale of redemption that arrives too late, but nevertheless soothes the soul.

Sam R (ca) wrote: Timely and timeless, Do the Right Thing is one of those movies that every person should see at least once. Funny, sad and smart in so many ways, it remains Spike Lee's masterpiece.

Black S (ru) wrote: Interracial Sex? First H.Wood movie to exploit it w/Gorgeous Raquel "Tejada" Welch & Big Jim "Dirty Dozen" Brown doing the deed as star-crossed lovers during the hellish times of the Mexican Revolution era, this movie has it all: Outstanding Music by genius Gerry Goldsmith so awesome it was nicked and used in another above-average western ("The Last Hard Men" w/Coburn, Heston, Rivero). Hans "Eric Braeden" Gudast and Fernando "Father of Lorenzo" Lamas turn in excellent villainous performances here, but the real heroes other than Goldsmith are the 2nd Unit, cinematographers and editors, who take max use of the beautiful panoramic vistas handed them and director Gries always shows interesting camera angles to tell the story. Tons of well-staged action ensues which shows the cruelty of the Mexican Revolutionary era without the Peckinpahish' realism. You will love the scenes regarding the Priestly dilemma with death. One of the few films of its genre that deals with the now exterminated Mexican Yaqui Indians, which are integral to the plotline. This historically accurate fiction yarn is pleasing on so many levels, yet deals with a heavy subject "lightly"...Enough good points to merit watching, and after all, it's got Rocky Welch in her prime (Hell, she still is lookin' pretty damn good these days, she ages quite well and stays in shape, probably on HGH...Just kidding!(Not! /;-)...Rugged all the way, between Burt Reynolds clowning and Brown's serious ex-10th Cavalry Pony-Soldier/Lawman persona, plus the incomparable face & awesome physique of warrior princess Rocky to drool over, you can't miss here: a definite testosterone man's type of flick, (unless you are offended by Interracial sex scenes, and this is very tame and sanitized, after all it was the first one shown in a big Hollywood production)...100 Rifles stands proudly in the "Badass MoFo" genre of hard ridin' western films, with memorable scenes, lines, visuals, and violent action. Grab a big tub of the 30 weight & salted popcorn and enjoy the ride!...

LARRY C (ca) wrote: A big disappointment

samantha r (de) wrote: Had in me stitches.. loved it

Smashproplaya (jp) wrote: Outstanding visuals, and engaging story Disney should seriously look back at this amazing movie!

J K (gb) wrote: Sounds like Splash, only the mermaid is a psycho killer.

Don S (nl) wrote: A passable heist flick. Freeman and Banderas are a low-key duo of thieves after the prototype of the Faberge eggs which are being stored in a nigh-impenetrable vault. Unfortunately, there is so little action and the twist, while I didn't see it coming, seemed more a dues ex machina than a legitimate story element.