American Conjuring

American Conjuring

A family move into an abandoned orphanage and they soon learn that their new home has a disturbing history and that they aren't aloneā€¦

Ben (Darren Matheson) moves his wife Carol (Lynn Csontos), his young daughter Alyssa (Eliza Faria), and his teenage stepdaughter Zoe (Mackenzie Mowat) to a creepy abandoned orphanage, only to learn that it has a disturbing history and they aren't alone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cristabel W (it) wrote: Under my expectation, funny but boring also at the same time! lol

Bannan i (au) wrote: Well, it ishhhhh scandinavian in nature.Lol.

Jul I (ag) wrote: J'adore ce film, c'est trs trs frais, quoi dire, une famille qui sombre dans l'amoralit de faon hystrique.

Me M (au) wrote: LOVE IT....LOVE IT....LOVR

Chris C (es) wrote: A sort of spoof idea off of Alien, the soundtrack was done by The Goblins. (aka Goblin) Not the worst film I've ever seen & having Goblin playing throughout was nice.

James H (kr) wrote: good but it just misses being great good story but it felt slow at times but apart from that good flim

Mark K (us) wrote: My friends, since you're weary, and need change of pace, I present to you all: Fiend Without a Face. I was just a young kid, up late at night, when brains that were glowing flew into my sight. The rads caused the problem, as the science will show, and the characters decisions are foolish we know. But a good gun will save you, if you hit the brain right, just like the zombies that now give us a fright. In fact, on reflection, it looks like Romero, may have gotten his early ideas from this tale filled with marrow. It was cheesy and fun looking back on it now, but the sight of those monsters scared me -- holy cow! It's now food for Rifftracks and MISTY -type shows, but nostalgia like this drove my need for this prose. And now I return you to your favorite station, and hope that your brains will come back from vacation. -Rostron

Evan T (us) wrote: I don't know if I should be commenting more on the movie or the terrible real life events.

Merol Kim C (jp) wrote: Quite intense.Yes, its plot suffers from tired and cliched slasher-film tricks but it maneuvers itself in a way that you overlook its flaws and end up enjoying it (or atleast that's what my mood tells me). The creepy sequences were smartly handled, giving the film a consistent and terrific flow of events. Also, the purpose of exposing the terror in a near-death situation was really given definition. However, the movie flunks terribly at its CLIMAX--a total face-palm effect. It failed to bring up a justifying conclusion to the action that has been effectively built up before then. Overall, I think this was an aced derivative of grade-B horror movies :-) 3.65/5