American Crude

American Crude

Quite a bit can happen over the course of a single day in L.A., and when smooth-talking scam artist Johnny decides to throw a bachelor party for his best friend Bill the events of the day take a bizarre turn. As the festivities get underway, the appearance of a transvestite prostitute, a trigger-happy ex-con, and a notorious porn king signal that this isn't going to be a typical night out.

The paths of several eccentric and troubled strangers cross one night. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan R (kr) wrote: I would give it a 4.6 , I liked this movie a lot. It helps if you speak( mexican) Spanish and English fluently . Tough I'm argentino, I got all the jokes and play of words. Nice music makes this movie a fun romantic escape.

Singha T C (br) wrote: "I love my country" in reality, living in US is not as beautiful as you think.

Ross T (mx) wrote: Good realization on my part that I finished high school when I did, would be much harder in this day and age for sure!

Claudia F (mx) wrote: The suicidal is probably someone completely desperate, and he would never kill himself if he could think about it... but he can't think, he is out of his mind. I can't imagine how painful it is to have a relative or a friend that commits suicide but this movie is wonderful to show us that there is no sign, there is no guilt, there is no way to explain... Life has to move on. The father left behind four women, and they will have to understand his desperation and forgive him. It is worth watching!

Candice D (it) wrote: With a cast of Toby Keith , Rodney Carringgton and Ted Nugent , it was way fun to watch.

Leigh C (jp) wrote: Many movie-going Kiwis are still recovering from Vincent Ward's 'Vigil' which plunged us all into a world of grim grey despair.And still more of us have no trouble remembering how we felt leaving the movie theatre after watching Rena Owen in Once Were Warriors. That was grim too.And now here they are, both together, telling another story which is not just grim, but downright sad.But it's beautifully done. Ward has an eye for the detail of human frailty which somehow he manages to get up there on the big screen, whether he's recounting fact (like this story) or fiction.It's just brilliant work and Rena, girl, you are all class.

Carys E (de) wrote: This was SO good. Really interesting look at the way that these Amazonian people now live, which I just totally didn't know about, but left me at the end thinking - well, what the fuck should they do? Their land now belongs to other people, but can they just take it back? What is right? Very confusing. But great film. And pretty funny too!

Claudia G (ca) wrote: Must see documentary!

Nicole M (gb) wrote: The first half of the movie is SO SLOW and drags on and on. The second half is much better.

Private U (mx) wrote: this is based on regeneration, one of my thesis books. a compelling examination of the ethical dilemma inherent in curing soldiers of shellshock in order to send them back in to battle.

Thomas D (us) wrote: The Star Trek series has had its fair share of ups and downs with the previous 5 films, but luckily 'The Undiscovered Country' rights some of the wrongs of past entries all while presenting a fitting finale to the original crew's story. The film sees the return of the entire original Enterprise crew for one last ride. Much like the previous 5 films, it developed its own distinct story. Instead of saving wales, the crew were thrust into a mystery surrounding the death of the Klingon leader. The mystery behind why Kirk and Bones were charged with his murder is really what I appreciated most about the film. Instead of a largely comedic take or a space bound CGI fest, it was grounded with real mystery leaving the enterprise crew with one last epic task.Now the mystery doesn't necessarily last all that long if you realize how the film set up the story, but that also doesn't take away from the execution. As cheesy as the last 15 minutes are, it's hard not to feel a rush of emotion and a great sense of finality. I also appreciated how they took the Klingon side of things and brought it full circle as Kirk's regret and anger towards his son's death definitely plays a role.Even amongst the heavy mystery, we do get some great space action with improved visuals the 3rd act. As much as I think there have been much better entries in the series, The Undiscovered Country is about as fitting of a send-off for Shatner and crew as any Trek fan could have asked for. With an added intelligent script with important themes explored within the context of an epic conclusion, there's more than enough good material for fans and non-fans alike.+Satisfying conclusion+Mystery centric+Involvement of the Klingons-Cheesy-Some clumsy elements7.2/10

bill s (mx) wrote: Just a real hard movie to follow.A movie too weird and off putting even for Walken(holy shite).

Rebecca J (de) wrote: watched this movie as part of an transpacific American art history class that explored some expression within film by transpacific movie directors. I thought this movie was moving as well as very though provoking--never having grown up in a Chinatown myself, having a view of what life might have been like for me was the "moving" part. Thought provoking comes with the search for Chan and how Marc is on a mad search for a friend that he thought he knew, but, realizes, that he really doesn't. The movie provides insight into Asian American life as well as the struggle of the community to try and make ends meet.

Craig H (ag) wrote: Surpasses the first film in pretty much every way. I felt it had a sort of Spaghetti Western vibe to it which I definitely enjoyed. Also this has to be one of the most visually confusing films I have ever seen; which definitely isn't an insult. Incredibly surreal and overall batshit crazy..

Corey H (ru) wrote: I AM THE FORTY-ONE PERCENT.

Guilherme N (es) wrote: The best of the 80's: cartoon style, simple and intelligent, idiotic and deep, with some Mozart's inspirations.

Christy L (gb) wrote: Love the chemistry between Turner and Quaid! So cute! Stanley Tucci is a HOOT! Just have fun with it!