American Desi

American Desi

This is a fun-loving romantic comedy reminiscent of the great teen films of the 80's.From Kris, an All-American boy from India, to Ajay, an Afro-Centric Hindu homeboy, to Farah, a devoutly religious but modern Muslim girl, 'American Desi' tells the story of a unique set of characters and their culture from a decidedly hip and youthful point of view.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   dancer,   dancing,  

College freshman Krishna Reddy, who has never cared for his Indian-American cultural heritage, looks forward to a new life on campus but is surprised to find that he has been assigned ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim P (nl) wrote: Truely awful film. But still quite funny.

Toh H (ca) wrote: plot wise not really fantastic. i totally didn't know what exactly is the story about until i read the synopsis.

Sam P (fr) wrote: Beautiful story from Iran, Nasser Ali Khan who has broken heart, searching for the missing part of his life. The way the story has been told is beautiful. The character progressions and connections between past and presents are well established during the film.

Rob W (es) wrote: I was not surprised to learn that the "musicians" auditioning in the movie were not aware during filming that it was not a real audition. It really did increase the reality of the film. The only think I did not like about the film was that they included way to many of these auditions. I could have gotten the point with half as many. Maybe one of the major skills of a director is to know what to leave on the cutting room floor. Still, a very enjoyable film that I would really like to show to several aspiring singers I know to slap them into reality.

Giuseppe P (us) wrote: Poetica, visionaria, originale produzione italo-francese associa al rigore espressivo tipico dei fratelli Taviani momenti di geniale surrealismo visivo, in primis i protagonisti che galleggiano sul latte. Ma anche un film sull'illusione, le diversit insensate e la voglia di emigrare. Un autore che una bella sorpresa per il cinema italiano.

Etienne L (es) wrote: Disapointing film by Solondz. The concept of using different actors to play the same character during different chapters of the film is a great one but the movie, overall is not that good. It's certainly not crap but it lacks the certain irreverent and dark aspect of its previous films.

Austin D (es) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed the genre-blending film. Few films have been able to successfully combine what is often seen as two opposites, horror and comedy, yet this accomplishes it... and more.

Timothy S (fr) wrote: By the time "Graduation Day" made it to theaters, all of the conceivably possible holiday horror films had already been made so it was time to start in with all of the pseudo holidays like this and "Prom Night". This is a pretty sad excuse for a slasher, as the graduation day backdrop really has little to do with anything. The plot is pretty threadbare as it is, and the killer's identity is pretty easy to figure out once you've eliminated all of the obvious choices. The gore is convincing, but it's pretty weak when you look at some of the other films from the era. Tom Savini had the bar set pretty high. The murders are pretty predictable, and the film is completely devoid of any shocks or scares. In most of these movies you can honestly say that the cast will never amount to anything and it would be true, but this one has one exception. Future "Wheel of Fortune" letter-turner Vanna White makes a ridiculous and brief appearance here as a giggly schoolgirl and potential victim. You can honestly say that you can't see a lot of talent here, but I guess what she's been doing on TV for the last twenty-five years doesn't really take a lot of talent so that is kind of irrelevant. Christopher George sure does provide a lot of laughs as the sadistic coach and prime suspect, but the rest of the film is utterly predictable and routine. Theres nothing to distinguish this from a dozen of other film's just like it, but "Graduation Day" is considered by slasher purists as something of a lost classic. For better or worse, however, nothing stays lost forever because of the magic of DVD.

Sharku T (de) wrote: This movie was a dissapointment.