American Fusion

American Fusion

Yvonne is a divorced middle-aged Chinese immigrant who thinks her life is over, and she is doomed to spend the rest of her days as a slave to her large and eccentric family. Suddenly, romance enters her life and Yvonne gets a long deferred chance for true love. However, she falls for the last person a Chinese family would ever accept, Jose, a Mexican-American dentist. It doesnt matter what race or culture youre from, deep down inside we are the same. And from this lesson Yvonne and her family begin to love each other for who they are and to accept Jose into the family.

If you thought your family was nuts, wait until you meet this Chinese-American clan! Traditional Grandma tries to rule the roost, but her children and grandchildren have ideas of their own. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luca M (au) wrote: Muy emotivo, y algo triste a la vez. Y sobre el final... bueno, caja de Kleenex. Los que lo hayan visto, saben de qu estoy hablando.

KJ P (br) wrote: Independent cinema can range from a student film with not a single dollar to its budget, to an Oscar-nominated film worth 40-50 million dollars. As long as its not backed by one of the wide distributors worldwide, its technically an indie film. That being said, Beginners is about as indie as indie gets when comparing it to some of the wider releases. While this is not a difficult film to sit through, it may not appeal to everyone. Independent films have always been able to tell simpler and more bizarre stories, due to the fact that they are not relying on a big box office return in order to make their film. This is a sweet 100 minute film about life and accepting certain things throughout it. Released back in 2010, there is a reason it didn't win too many awards, but that doesn't take away from the fact that I believe it to be a very enjoyable piece of filmmaking. If you are a fan of cinema and have yet to see Beginners, here is why I think it's worth your time. Following Oliver, a 38-year-old man who is living with a recently tortured past, as he falls in love one more time, the film begins to explore what has given him such grief over the past few years. Having his mother pass away after being married to his father for over 45 years, to then find out his father had actually been gay the entire time, to having to accept him falling for another man, to then having to take care of him as he passed away four years later, Ewan McGregor delivers a wonderfully sincere performance here. In a film that desperately needs its leading man to deliver the goods, McGregor was perfect casting decision. This film deals with a lot of heartbreak, but that's life, right? Unlike films like Blue Valentine or the recent Manchester by the Sea (films with hardly any levity), the romantic aspect is truly the only thing giving life to this saddening premise. Beginners is a very heartfelt story about to unlikely people falling in love, while the past is looming over them like a bad disease. It's definitely not a film that warrants many viewings, but it's a nice treat for independent film fans. To me, in order to balance a film perfectly, there has to be an even amount of happy to go along with the sad. This film does that in spades, which is why I enjoyed it so much. That being said, the main issue I have with this film is in its simplicity. Sure, some people may find the fact that a 75-year-old man falling in love with a 35-year-old man to be risky territory, but if you are willing to explore an aspect like that, why not go for it? Their relationship is not explored enough in my opinion, leaving little to no impact on me for the future setting of this film. Flashing back and forth through time to show how our main character got to be where he is, I found the present day more interesting than the past, due to the fact that the interesting portions of the past feel incomplete and not fleshed out enough. Beginners is a very ambitious film in the way it tells its story, but fails to impress all that much. In the end, Beginners is a very important story that more people need to see. It went under the radar upon release and I believe quite a few people missed it. Without much awards consideration, it still accumulated quite a few positive reviews. I think this is a very solid film worth checking out. With great writing for each character on-screen, some fine directing, and a premise that takes a few chances (even though not nearly enough), this is s piece of cinema worth checking out. I don't see myself ever coming to love this film in the future, but I would definitely consider a few viewings to revisit these likeable characters. Beginners is a solid watch.

Filippo V (ca) wrote: Nonostante qualche scena divertente e sopra le righe, RocknRolla un film che non ricorder molto a lungo. Ha una trama poco lineare e difficile da seguire, con personaggi convenzionali e numerose scene che allungano la minestra senza aggiungere niente alla storia.

Daniel S (gb) wrote: This movie is totally campy and fun. It's nowhere near as good as Fame, but I think it does a good job of making fun of theater culture and embracing it at the same time! The vocal talent here is fantastic! Definitely worth a watch!

anthony l (mx) wrote: i like to see this movie because i can not wach it because am 2 busy

Goldie B (ca) wrote: this film is soooooooooooo good

Baurushan J (ca) wrote: This movie kicks ass and I'm amazed no critic barely saw this film. This is my review of Jet Li's first debut film is The Shaolin Temple. The story is set in the seventh century and is about one man played by Jet Li who survives the Tang dynasty and escapes into the Shaolin temple after his father's. 13 monks in that temple rescue, shelter and feed him back to health and he wants to become one of them so that he can learn kung fu and kill the man who murdered his father before becoming a fully respected monk of the Shaolin temple. Like I said earlier, this movie kicks ass and I don't understand why anyone barely saw this film. If you missed this film, then you're missing out one of the greatest. I like how all the fight scenes are choreographed 100% in pure combat and not done within strings and/nor CGI because that would be a fucking disappointment. The Shaolin Temple gets a 10/10 because it's too good.

Lamel H (nl) wrote: saw it when it first came out. liked it then and like it now.

Tamach E (jp) wrote: A very funny Brando film. That's right - its a comedy with yours truly. Did not falter on the laughs and kept the comedy coming throughout the movie.

Ben S (us) wrote: Grunt's eye view of the pacific war. John Wayne is terrific as the tough sergeant whipping the new squad into shape. The film is solid until the last couple of minutes where the sentiment gets a little over the top. Real WW2 footage is spliced in to impressive effect.

Phil S (ag) wrote: A truly great gangster film and based upon an even better graphic novel!